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Name Title Department Email Phone
Nanney, John Extension Agent I* MSU Extension- Lee County 662-841-9000
Napier, Kollin Software Apps Developer Extension Center for Tech Outreach 662-325-3226
Narmour, Laura Office Associate Southern Rural Development Center 662-325-3207
Nash, Norice Extension Associate I Center for Continuing Education 662-325-5956
Neal, Jason Extension/Research Professor Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture 6623258363
Neal, Patricia Extension Agent III* MSU Extension- Panola County 662-563-6260
Nevins, Reid Extension Agent III* MSU Extension- Lowndes County 662-328-2111
Nevins, James Extension Agent III* MSU Extension- Monroe County 662-369-4951
Newman, William Extension Agent IV* MSU Extension- Lafayette County 662 234 4451
Newman, Michael Professor and Director School of Human Sciences 662-325-3462
Nichols, David Program Assistant School of Human Sciences 662.325.2950
Nichols, Kyra Assistant Teacher - Head Start Human Sciences-Early Years Network
Nicholson, Tara Office Associate MSU Extension- Covington County 601-765-8252
Nickels, Lauren Extension Instructor Extension Center for Tech Outreach 662.325.2596
Nores, Marisha Office Associate MSU Extension- Hancock County 2284675456
Norman, Thomas Student Worker Ag & Bio Engineering 662/325-3282
Norwood, Terence Extension Instructor Ext Ctr for Government & Comm Devel 601-857-2284
Norwood, Judith Computer Programmer Delta Research and Extension Center 662-686-9311
Null, Hunter Extension Agent I* MSU Extension- Benton County 662-224-6330
Nyatta, Thomas Extension Agent III MSU Extension- Oktibbeha County 662-323-5916