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Plant Systems

Protecting Honey Bees from Pesticides will outline the best management practices to better protect honey bees from pesticides in urban and agricultural environments. Participants will learn about the importance of colony and apiary placement relative to known sources of pesticides to reduce risk of exposure, about legal issues documenting pesticide kills and state laws and protocols for...Read more

The Sprayer Calibration Simplified program will educate herbicide applicators on a calibration procedure for boom and boomless applicators. The program is open to all applicators of herbicides and will teach them how to calibrate, how to understand calibration, how calibration increases profit by reducing costs, and how calibration protects the environment. For more information contact Dr....Read more

Identification and Treatment of the Most Commonly Encountered Disease of Honey Bees will provide basic information that will help small-scale and large commercial beekeeping operations recognize the most common and serious diseases that affect honey bees. Participants will learn how to recognize and treat important bacterial diseases of honey bees, recognize and treat several fungal diseases...Read more

The Insect Pest Management in Cotton program will educate clientele on identification of insect problems and measures needed to correct the problem.  Agriculture consultants, chemical retailers, and growers will benefit from this program. Participants completing the program will be able to identify the difference between different insecticide modes of action, key seeding pests and...Read more

The Maintaining Home Landscapes program will help homeowners, Master Gardeners, and landscapers improve home landscapes and retain property value through regular maintenance and proper care. Participants will gain understanding in the importance of landscape maintenance, even in low-maintenance landscapes; learn how to maintain an array of popular landscape plants; be able to...Read more

The Master Gardener trains and certifies individuals in consumer horticulture. In exchange for 40 hours of educational training in horticulture, individuals are required to return 40 hours of volunteer service within one year of their training. This service is to help county Extension offices with horticulture projects that benefit their local communities. After the first year, volunteers are...Read more

The Mississippi Soybean Demo program will provide the resources, information, and training for clients to make informed decisions regarding best management options for soybean production in Mississippi. Participants will gain understanding in the importance of variety selection with respect to soybean production and be able to identify key factors that pertain to the variety...Read more

The Pipe Planner 101 is a free web-based application that provides information on how to manage water usage through designed irrigation plans. Participants will learn about the aquifer problem in the Delta, how Pipe Planner can address declining aquifer levels, and how to use Pipe Planner for designing irrigation plans for specific situations. For more information contact Dr. Jason Krutz at...Read more

The Practical Gardening through Hands-On Learning program will open up horticulture education to the general public for those who are interested in gardening and want to build on their gardening knowledge. This program will increase participant’s self-confidence in gardening abilities, increase awareness of gardening, increase basic horticultural skills, and improve understanding of basic...Read more

The Sustainable Home Lawn Management Program will teach home and property owners how to better manage home lawns. Participants will learn recommended lawn care practices and behaviors, how to responsibly use and protect natural resources and the environment, new sustainability practices, and how to improve turf quality to improve property values. For more information contact Dr. Jay...Read more

The Understanding Fundamental Agronomy and Crop Physiology to Guide Soybean Production in the Mississippi Delta program will teach soybean producers about basic soybean agronomy and physiology. After completing this program, participants will be able to identify soybean growth stages, understand management consideration associated with each growth stage, know the importance of light...Read more