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Animal Systems

Poultry Predator Protection and Housing is for anyone with an interest in small/backyard chicken flocks, including children with a 4-H/FFA project, or adults interested in a small flock for meat/egg production. This program will teach CEAs to recognize the most common aerial and ground predators of backyard birds and how to construct proper housing to prevent predators from gaining...Read more

Beef Advocacy will empower producers to engage in conversations with consumers about the health and safety of beef in a balanced diet. Producers will learn about beef choices (grass-fed, grain-fed, natural, organic, etc.), environmental stewardship, animal rights vs. animal welfare, and sustainability. Upon completion of this program, producers will be equipped to answer...Read more

Beef Cattle Basics is a hands-on-learning opportunity that covers general basics of beef production for “new” farmers and/or 4-H'ers. Participants will learn how to determine breeding objectives for cow herds, how to build adequate fences and working facilities, how to develop a nutritional calendar for cow herds, how to select and market animals that meet their breeding objectives, and...Read more

Beef Quality Assurance will raise consumer confidence in the food supply by offering proper management techniques and a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry. Mississippi beef cattle participants will learn about industry issues and practices, be able to set production standards that can be met or exceeded, and be able to establish systems for data retention and...Read more

Choosing a Flock of Backyard Poultry is a program for anyone with an interest in starting a backyard poultry flock, including young people involved with 4-H /FFA. It will provide participants with information on types of poultry and the purpose they serve (e.g. egg production, meat, a combination, or companion), as well as choosing the correct birds and the appropriate flock size to...Read more

MSU provides training for law enforcement agencies and individuals of communities who report or receive reports of farm animal abuse or neglect. Participants will learn how to assess welfare in cattle, horses, swine, sheep, and goats; how to safely handle livestock; who to contact for advice; and the laws that pertain to farm animals. For more information contact Cobie Rutherford at...Read more

The Mississippi Master Cattle Producer Program will provide comprehensive training in eight major areas for beef cattle producers who would like to expand their knowledge base. Topics covered will include: how to determine cattle nutrient needs, and forges and supplements that best fit their herd; the fundamentals of breeding and genetics; proper cattle handling and good herd health practices...Read more

Poultry Biosecurity program is for poultry hobbyists, 4-H and FFA students, and backyard and small scale poultry producers. It will assist small poultry producers that are typically not aware of common and reportable poultry diseases, which can have a severe impact on their flocks and on the Mississippi Poultry industry. For more information contact Dr. Tom Tabler, Extension Professor at...Read more

Poultry Diseases is for anyone with an interest in poultry, including children and youth involved with 4-H/FFA. The program will provide information on the most common diseases that may affect backyard birds, symptoms, how they are spread, treatment methods, and prevention techniques. For more information contact Dr. Tom Tabler, Extension Professor at: t....Read more

Poultry Hatch-out is a program for 4-H''ers in grades K-1 that will teach children the importance of the poultry industry and its significance in food production. It includes a week-long project with a science-based curriculum focused on the egg-hatching process and poultry. For more information contact Jessica Benoit Wells at: j.wells@msstate....Read more

Poultry Nutrition is for individuals with a backyard flock or young people with a 4-H/FFA project (including 4-H Cloverbuds). Poultry Nutrition will focus on the composition of a balanced diet for backyard flocks and why a balanced diet is important to meat-type, egg-type, and dual purpose birds.  Topics covered will include: importance of nutrition to backyard flocks, differences...Read more

Safety Awareness with Equine will educate participants on general safety around horses and presents research-related data and information concerning helmet safety when horseback riding. This program is for equine enthusiasts and horseback riders. Participants will learn about the potential hazards and related safety issues with working with horses, and how to make decisions on safe practices...Read more

FAMACHA training will educate small ruminant producers about parasite and forage management. Small ruminant producers will learn about the use of FAMACHA system, increase knowledge of forage management for small ruminant production, and increase knowledge of parasite control and treatment for goats and sheep. For more information contact Kipp Brown at: ...Read more