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Developing and Delivering Best Management Practices for Peanuts in Mississippi

Filed Under: 4-H

Information on peanut production will be delivered.

Target Audience(s):

Row-crop farmers


Participants will:

  • Understand the possible economic benefits of peanuts in current farming systems,
  • Understand integrated pest management and the impacts of management decisions on disease pressure,
  • Improve harvest timing to enhance peanut production and quality, and
  • Optimize fertilization of peanuts across varying landscapes.

Total Number of Modules or Sessions: 15-20

Total Number of Hours for Program Delivery: 15-20

Program Delivery:

  • Community Forums
  • Demonstration
  • Group Discussion
  • Numbered Extension Publication
  • One-on-One Intervention
  • Short Courses
  • Social Media
  • Workshop

Primary Contact:

Dr. Brendan Zurweller,

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Portrait of Dr. Brendan Zurweller
Assistant Professor