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Training the Trainer: Plant Disease, A Section of the Master Gardener Program

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Training the Trainer: Plant Disease will provide skilled trainers for the Plant Disease section of the Master Gardener Program.

Target Audience(s):

Master Gardener students, especially those attending live classes.


Participants will:

  • Learn and understand the three basic principle factors that drive the development of plant diseases, and understand some of their major interactions,
  • Learn basic disease symptoms and their definitions for independent diagnosis,
  • Learn the basics of how to manage plant diseases culturally and with commercial tools, and
  • Understand the importance of free water and watering, sanitation, and proper rooting to plant disease.

Total Number of Modules or Sessions: 4

Total Number of Hours for Program Delivery: Approximately 6

Program Delivery:

  • Demonstrations
  • Educational Video (Online and DVD)
  • Group Newsletter
  • Numbered Extension Publication
  • One-on-One Intervention
  • Other: Popular Science Press Articles

Primary Contact:

Dr. Alan Henn,

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Portrait of Dr. Alan Henn
Extension Professor
Extension Plant Pathologist, Disease management of ornamentals,peanut, turf,fruits, nematode program