Social Media Connection

Popular post

A Facebook post showing a ruby-throated hummingbird migration map.

Hummingbird migration information reached more than 400,000 on Facebook, thanks to this post highlighting the featured Extension for Real Life blog post.

Big event

Two men with headsets in a Winter Deer Management Live Q&A.

#ExtensionHasAnswers The first-ever MSU Deer Lab Facebook Live Q&A brought more than 100 deer enthusiasts together. Find all MSU Deer Lab online resources, including the popular Deer University podcast.

New program

A Twitter post showing a man with a baseball hat and headset giving a thumbs up.


Twitter users shared this @MSUExtService tweet featuring newly certified Mississippi Water Steward Shawn Harris. This pilot program is the first statewide, citizen-based water monitoring and education program.

Moment in time

A Facebook post showing three children and one adult at the Sale of Champions.


Holmes County 4-H was one of many county Extension Facebook feeds capturing a 4-H’er’s hard-won victory at the Dixie National Junior Round-Up. Click here to see all the stats from the 52nd Dixie National Sale of Junior Champions and details on its new partnership with Extension, including the 2021 news story and Farmweek’s ringside coverage.

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