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Pesticide Record Keeping Program

The MSU ES Pesticide Record Keeping Workbook allows keeping records of the application of pesticides, both Restricted Use and other types. The workbook contains pesticide data for over 250 pesticides licensed for use in row crop applications in Mississippi. Several reports such as a Re-Entry Report, a Farm/Field Report, or a Crop/Variety Report are available from the workbook. The workbook calculates re-entry dates and times for each application and also figures economic costs if prices are entered.

Use the links below to read or download the documentation and the program for use on your computer. You must have Microsoft Excel 97 or later on your computer for the program to work.

After you have downloaded the program, use these instructions for installing the program on your computer. It is a good idea to print these instructions for installing the program.

Installing the Workbooks on Your Computer

  1. Download the workbooks ( and save them in a folder on your computer. (Use the download links below.)
  2. Start the My Computer or the Windows Explorer program
  3. Locate the file you downloaded from the Internet (filename=PestRec3.exe) and double-click the filename.
  4. A "Self-Extracting Archive" window will open. The default folder for the program is the current folder. If you want the files to be unzipped to a different folder, either type the new name or use the browse button (a button with three periods) to locate the desired folder.
  5. When the correct folder is displayed in the "Extract to:" window, click the Start button. (Note: If a file already exists, you will be warned and asked to overwrite it, click the Yes button to overwrite.)
  6. A window will open indicating the files were unzipped successfully. Click the OK button.
  7. Click the Close button to close the "Self Extracting Archive" window.

This completes the instructions for installing the program on your computer. Instructions for using the computer are in the documentation that can be downloaded below.

Read the MSU ES Pesticide Record Keeping Documentation
(Adobe Acrobat Format)

Download the MSU ES Pesticide Record Keeping Documentation
(Microsoft Word format)

Download the MSU ES Pesticide Record Keeping Workbook
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)

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Filed Under: Pesticide Applicator Certification, Insects, Insects-Pests August 28, 2023

MISSISSIPPI STATE , Miss. -- A Mississippi State University Extension Service specialist has been elected to the executive board of the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators. Gene Merkl, program manager for pesticide safety education for the state of Mississippi, will serve as president-elect for the nationwide organization. His service on the board is a three-year commitment.

Filed Under: Agriculture, Pesticide Applicator Certification, Coronavirus May 11, 2020

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- There is a new online pathway for agricultural producers and applicators to obtain pesticide use certification.

Filed Under: Agriculture, Insects-Crop Pests, Weed Control for Crops, Pesticide Applicator Certification, Weed Control March 6, 2020

The Dicamba Applicator Training required for individuals who plan to apply dicamba herbicide products in Xtend cropping systems is open online and scheduled at several sites across Mississippi.

The online modules are available at

The face-to-face workshops will be March 16-17 in Tunica, Coahoma, Hinds, Lee and Washington counties.

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