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Online Commercial Applicator Recertification

Mississippi commercial pesticide applicators, license holders, and permit holders in some categories can now complete recertification training online. The MSU Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program has collaborated with Certified Training Institute (CTI) to make these courses available.

Online Recertification Requirements

In accordance with Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) requirements, applicators must complete a minimum of (5) credits that pertain to their certification or license category when recertifying online. If certified or licensed in multiple categories, applicators need to complete only (5) credits total. Applicators must complete the credits within the last 12 months of the 3-year recertification cycle.

Categories Eligible for Online Recertification

Online recertification is currently available for the following commercial certification categories [and the corresponding license categories]:

  • I (A) – Agricultural Pest Control (Plant) [AGP, ORP, AGW]
  • II – Forest Pest Control [ROW]
  • III – Ornamental & Turf Pest Control [HCP, HCW]
  • V – Aquatic Pest Control [AQW]
  • VI – Right-of-Way Pest Control [ROW]
  • VII (A) – Industrial, Institutional, Structural & Health-related Pest Control [WDI, UPL, GRC, MBF]
  • VII (3) – Industrial Weed Control [HCW]
  • VIII – Public Health Pest Control [GRC, MBF]
  • X – Demonstration & Research Pest Control


How Online Recertification Works

  1. Enter the Mississippi online recertification portal on the CTI website.
  2. Choose the course(s) in your certification/license category you wish to purchase. (Cost varies depending on course duration.) Add the course(s) to the cart, view the cart, and proceed to the checkout page.
  3. Register for online recertification training by setting up a new student account in the Student Login Information section at the top of the checkout page or calling 1-800-727-7104 for assistance from a customer service representative.  While registering, create a username and password to log into the CTI system.
  4. Place your order after providing student and billing information. Courses are available immediately after purchase for a 6-month period. If needed, you can later purchase extensions for one-third of the original cost.
  5. Complete the training by watching the video course(s) and scoring at least 70% on the accompanying assessments.
  6. Pay the $75 recertification fee and print your certificate of completion. When you have completed the training, you will see the following image on your screen. Print your certificate of completion by clicking on the Print Certificate button, then click on the Recertify Here button to access the online payment form. Your recertification paperwork will not be processed until the $75 recertification fee is paid.
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  1. CTI will forward your paperwork to Mississippi authorities for processing.
  2. The Bureau of Plant Industry will mail your new card to you via U.S. Postal Service.


Check It Out!

Visit the Mississippi online recertification portal to see if this option is right for you.



For questions about online recertification, contact the Mississippi Pesticide Safety Education Program (MSPSEP) at 662-325-5829 or 662-325-0795 or email

For questions about regulation of professional services, contact the Bureau of Plant Industry at 662-325-3390.

For technical questions concerning the operation of the online recertification training system, contact Certified Training Institute at 1-800-727-7104.

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MISSISSIPPI STATE , Miss. -- A Mississippi State University Extension Service specialist has been elected to the executive board of the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators. Gene Merkl, program manager for pesticide safety education for the state of Mississippi, will serve as president-elect for the nationwide organization. His service on the board is a three-year commitment.

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STARKVILLE, Miss. -- There is a new online pathway for agricultural producers and applicators to obtain pesticide use certification.

The Mississippi State University Extension Service Pesticide Safety Education Program, in partnership with the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC), has launched an online Private Applicator Certification program in Mississippi.

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The Dicamba Applicator Training required for individuals who plan to apply dicamba herbicide products in Xtend cropping systems is open online and scheduled at several sites across Mississippi.

The online modules are available at

The face-to-face workshops will be March 16-17 in Tunica, Coahoma, Hinds, Lee and Washington counties.

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STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Farmers in Monroe and Tunica counties can dispose of unused hazardous agricultural products at two separate events.

The Waste Pesticide Disposal events, organized by the Mississippi State University Extension Service, will accept insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Household chemicals, rinsates, and empty and bulk containers will not be accepted.

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STARKVILLE, Miss. -- The Dicamba Applicator Training required for individuals who plan to apply dicamba herbicide products in Xtend cropping systems has been opened online and scheduled at several sites in the Delta and north Mississippi.

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