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Small Ruminant Budget (Excel file)

2018 Small Ruminant Budget (Excel)

Disclaimer: This spreadsheet is provided by the Mississippi State University Extension Service for eductational use. It is provided solely on an "AS IS" basis. MSU-ES assumes no liability for the use of this spreadsheet.
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Filed Under: Agriculture, Commercial Horticulture, Beef, Equine, Goats and Sheep, Forestry, Wildlife February 26, 2024

RAYMOND, Miss. -- Small ruminants are a popular choice for people like J.T. Crownover who want to get into the livestock business but do not want to raise cattle. Crownover attended the Central Mississippi Research and Extension Center’s Producer Advisory Council meeting Feb. 20. The forum, where agricultural producers can discuss their needs with MSU administrators, researchers, specialists and Extension agents, was the catalyst for the university’s active small ruminant program.

A group of goats stands in a temporary holding area in a barn.
Filed Under: Agriculture, Forages, Livestock, Goats and Sheep August 24, 2023

LEAKESVILLE, Miss. -- Most goat meat sold in the U.S. is imported, but a group of Mississippi meat goat producers wants to see that change. A first-of-its-kind test in the state is underway to help them meet that goal. The Southeastern Buck Performance Test aims to improve the profitability of the meat goat industry in the region by improving meat goat genetics.

Two lambs stand along side a sheep in a pasture as the sun rises in the distance.
Filed Under: Agriculture, Livestock, Goats and Sheep April 6, 2023

Some people use lamb and sheep interchangeably to identify the animal, but they aren’t exactly the same thing. So, what’s the difference between them? Yes, lambs are baby sheep -- that’s the main distinction. But here are some other differences between the two:

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