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The Rural Medical & Science Scholars program can help you answer that all-important question: Do I want to a career in medicine or is another career path my calling?

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Here are a few benefits:

  • Take real college courses and gain college credits you can use later.
  • Make life-long friends with the same interests and goals.
  • Participate in practical learning workshops relevant to the life of a health or science-based career.
  • Experience the day-to-day practice of medicine by shadowing doctors as they work.
  • Become certified as a Jr Master Wellness Volunteer.
  • Receive reduced fees on tuition and housing.
  • Experience college life and grow yourself in knowledge and character for your future ahead. 

As a Rural Medical & Science Scholar, you will be part of a 4-week summer program at Mississippi State University. You will take two pre-med courses (Biology and Individual & Family Nutrition), spend several afternoons a week “shadowing” a physician in a clinical setting, visit the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, and participate in practical learning workshops geared to the interests of young, aspiring healthcare professionals, scientists, and engineers.  Practical lab-based learning activities will be integrated throughout the program to enhance knowledge and skill. To help launch your college career, a communication, teambuilding/critical thinking skills workshop along with a study skills workshop will kick off the program.

“Sounds good, but you might be thinking…” I was planning to work this summer.” Consider this: You can work the first half of the summer, then attend the RMS Scholars program and get a jump on college credits for a reduced price including experiential learning activities. Your projected cost after a reduction in housing and tuition is approximately $2400. This amount includes 7 college credits, housing, textbooks and a program application fee of $100 if accepted. Food costs vary per student and there will be travel expense to and from campus each weekend. The program is valued at $6900.

The program will run from July 7 through August 3, 2017. As a Scholar, you will be required to stay on campus throughout each week. You will return home on the weekends, leaving on Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday evening. 

Rural Medical Scholars Program: Filling the Gap for Healthcare and Public Health Leaders in Mississippi (PDF)
American Public Health Conference, Atlanta GA.
November 6-8, 2017

Check out the Frequently Asked Q&A for more detailed information.

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A medical doctor holds a vile of medication and talks to a young man in the Rural Medical and Science Scholars program.
Filed Under: STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math, Food and Health, Rural Health March 16, 2018

Do you know a high school student interested in working in the medical field or a related science career one day?
The Rural Medical and Science Scholars program could be for them.
(Photo by Kevin Hudson)

A teenage girl looks on as a doctor explains a chart in his hands.
Filed Under: Rural Health February 9, 2018

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Mississippi's critical need for medical professionals is the reason for a special summer program hosted at Mississippi State University.

Filed Under: Rural Health, Mississippi Well Owner Network August 25, 2017

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Mississippi homeowners with private wells have three opportunities to learn how to enhance the quality of their drinking water sources.

The Mississippi Well Owner Network, a program of the Mississippi State University Extension Service, will hold workshops at the Extension offices in Wayne County Sept. 26, Pearl River County Oct. 24 and Tate County Jan. 25, 2018. Each workshop begins at 6 p.m.

Filed Under: Rural Health, Water, Mississippi Well Owner Network, Rural Water Association, Water Quality June 14, 2017

GULFPORT, Miss. -- The first 40 registrants for a private well workshop next month can have their well water screened free of charge.

The Mississippi Well Owner Network, a program of the Mississippi State University Extension Service, will be held 6-9 p.m. July 13 at the MSU Extension office in Harrison County, located at 2315 17th Street in Gulfport.

Brittny Fairley, right, checks Dequesia Perry’s blood pressure in their health science class at the Hinds County Career and Technical Center in Raymond, Mississippi, on May 4, 2017. They are members of the Mississippi State University Extension Service 4-H Junior Master Wellness Volunteers group in Hinds County who received training to deliver basic health information and provide supervised basic screenings. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Susan Collins-Smith)
Filed Under: 4-H, Community, Leadership, Junior Master Wellness Volunteer, Health, Rural Health May 9, 2017

RAYMOND, Miss. -- Rocheryl Ware sees members of her 4-H Junior Master Wellness Volunteer group as catalysts that can help change Mississippi's health landscape.


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