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Pests and Diseases

If you have a garden, eventually, you will also have pests. Whether the problems are with insects, diseases, or weeds, in this section, you can learn how to identify and manage the problem so you have a healthy garden, lawn, and landscape. Be sure to scroll to the bottom link to find even more videos on how to address pests and diseases.

Increase Plant Diversity to Reduce Plant Pests—Dr. Christian Stephenson

Insects in Home Vegetable Gardens—Dr. Christian Stephenson

Diseases in Home Vegetable Gardens—Dr. Christian Stephenson

Insects in the Home Lawn—Ross Overstreet

Weed Control for Lawns—Ross Overstreet

Spider Mite Infestation—Dr. Shaun Broderick

Visit this playlist to discover more ways to address pests and plant diseases.

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