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Fall Flower and Garden Fest

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The 2016 Fall Flower & Garden Fest will be October 14 & 15 at the Truck Crops Experiment Station in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. Crystal Springs is about 25 miles south of Jackson. Hours are from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. both days and food vendors will have food and drinks available. For more information contact your local Mississippi County Extension office, or call (601) 892-3731.

This is the largest home gardening show in the Southeast with average attendance of 5,000 people over the two-day event. Featured in the 3 acre garden are winners of the prestigious All-America Selections award. Admission and parking are free.

FOOD - There will be lots to choose from -- ribeye steak sandwiches, catfish, BBQ plates, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more. For dessert, there will be cookies, cakes, and sweetpotato sweets. The Chautauqua Garden Club will be selling homemade ice cream, and the Copiah County 4-H will serve hot and cold drinks all day.


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Saucer magnolias bloom before the leaves emerge with huge, white, pink or bold-purple flowers that reach up to 10 inches across. (Photo by MSU Extension/Gary Bachman)
Filed Under: Flower Gardens January 23, 2017

Saucer magnolias and other flowering, deciduous magnolias start to peek out of their buds every spring, usually in late February or early March. The rush of colorful pinks is always a welcome sight.

So, imagine my surprise when the saucer magnolia at the Mississippi State University Coastal Research and Extension Center in Biloxi exploded into bloom three weeks early in mid-January.

Nothing beats looking at displays of beautiful plants in the garden center, but an advantage of ordering from catalogs is getting exactly the variety you want and maybe even trying news ones. (Photo by MSU Extension/Gary Bachman)
Filed Under: Flower Gardens January 16, 2017

They seem to show up at my house every day, whether in sunny, rainy, warm or cold weather. They're relentless. I'm not referring to home-security sales folks; I'm talking about gardening catalogs.

These catalogs arrive in all shapes and sizes, in full color or black and white, and they all encourage us to make sure we're ready for spring. This spring marketing blitz is targeted at gardeners suffering from cabin fever. And the catalogs do succeed in us getting ready, maybe a little too ready if we succumb to their temptations.

Spores of the Macrophomina phaseolina pathogen can be seen as transparent ovals in this microscopic image taken from an infected corn plant. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/ Clarissa Balbalian)
Filed Under: Ornamentals Diseases January 13, 2017

CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. -- When impatiens planted as part of a Mississippi State University variety trial died within two weeks, researchers acted quickly and described a pathogen never before seen in this flower.

"We were growing SunPatiens, which are hybrid impatiens immune to downy mildew. This disease has been a big problem for the industry," Broderick said. "The plants were doing really well, but in July they started to look like they were wilting. The stems were collapsing and dying, and in a two-week period, they went from looking relatively healthy to dead."

Temperatures as low as 12 degrees in Tupelo and 23 degrees in Ocean Springs froze many plants this past weekend. These Quad Color Clerodendrons were scorched brown by the freeze. (Photo by MSU Extension/Gary Bachman)
Filed Under: Flower Gardens January 9, 2017

Wasn't this past weekend’s cold something else? We've had some cold snaps already this winter but nothing like those low temps. That kind of cold brings our attention front and center to winter.

The previous warm weather had gotten many gardeners a little complacent, including me.

Herb plants make excellent gifts, as they can add beauty to indoor décor and good flavors to holiday meals. (Photo by MSU Extension/Gary Bachman)
Filed Under: Flower Gardens January 2, 2017

Since the Christmas holiday season started last month, gardeners across Mississippi have been giving and receiving plants as gifts: poinsettias, begonias, cactuses and cyclamens -- oh my!

Oh my, indeed. Having plants inside during the winter adds beauty and a sense of charm and serenity. Herb plants also should be included as a gift choice, as they add good flavors to holiday meals.


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