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P2888 Best Foot Forward: Helping 4-H'ers Create Dynamic Presentations 4-H August 12, 2019
P2896 Signs and Symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer Insects-Pests, Trees, Forestry August 12, 2019
P1288 Leadership-Committees Leadership August 13, 2019
P0711 Looking at Leadership Leadership August 13, 2019
IS1573 Tree Injection With Reduced Labor Requirements Forestry, Forest Management August 19, 2019
P2894 LED Bulbs: Much to Offer the Poultry Industry Poultry August 19, 2019
IS1953 Poultry Farming and Neighbors: The Little Things Are Important Poultry, Community August 20, 2019
IS1951 Prepare Poultry Houses for Cooler Weather Poultry August 20, 2019
P2744 Managing Litter Moisture in Broiler Houses with Built-Up Litter Poultry August 20, 2019
P2749 Broiler House Ventilation During Cold Weather Poultry August 20, 2019
P2383 Feeding Quail Poultry, Wildlife, Northern Bobwhite Quail August 20, 2019
IS1973 Managing Manure from the Backyard Flock Poultry August 20, 2019
P2742 Water-Related Factors in Broiler Production Poultry August 20, 2019
P1276 Poultry Disease Diagnosis Poultry August 20, 2019
IS1952 Maintenance Critical to Backup Generator Reliability Poultry, Disaster Preparedness August 20, 2019
P2753 Farmers, Chickens, and West Nile Virus Poultry August 20, 2019
P1096 How To Do a Visual Presentation 4-H August 21, 2019
P2983 MHV Vegetable Gardening Award Application Instructions Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers, Vegetable Gardens August 21, 2019
P3368 Environmental Control for Greenhouse-Grown Sweetpotato Slips Sweet Potatoes August 22, 2019
P3380 Why Poultry Growers Have Issues Dimming LED Lamps Poultry August 22, 2019