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Plant and Soil Sciences

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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 9555
Mississippi State , MS
Physical Address:
117 Dorman Hall, 32 Creelman Street
Mississippi State , Mississippi


Name Job Title Email
Mr. Robert Louis Adams, II Graduate Research Assistant
Portrait of Dr. John D. Byrd, Jr. Dr. John D. Byrd, Jr. Extension/Research Professor
Mr. Edicarlos Batis De Castro Extension Associate I
Mr. Tyler Dean Dickson Intermittent Worker
Portrait of Dr. Darrin Dodds Dr. Darrin Dodds Professor and Head
Portrait of Ms. Leonna H. Edwards Ms. Leonna H. Edwards Laboratory Technician
Mr. Justin Jamal Gordon Intermittent Worker
Mr. Steven Dale Hall Graduate Research Assistant
Ms. Jada McMullen Harris Contract & Grant Specialist
Mr. Eli Bryant Hobbs Graduate Research Assistant
Mr. Martin Jose Ignes Graduate Research Assistant
Portrait of Dr. Jon Trenton Irby Dr. Jon Trenton Irby Associate Extension Professor
Portrait of Ms. Katherine B. Johnson Ms. Katherine B. Johnson Events Coordinator
Portrait of Dr. Keri Denley Jones Dr. Keri Denley Jones Laboratory Coordinator
Portrait of Dr. Erick J. Larson Dr. Erick J. Larson Extension/Research Professor
Portrait of Dr. Rocky Lemus Dr. Rocky Lemus Extension/Research Professor
Mr. Jon Garrett Lowe Intermittent Worker
Mr. Justin Charles May Extension/Research Assoc I
Portrait of Dr. James Dewey McCurdy Dr. James Dewey McCurdy Associate Professor
Mr. Jacob Paul McNeal Graduate Research Assistant
Mr. Nolan M Mullican Graduate Research Assistant
Mr. Graham Robert Oakley Extension Associate I
Portrait of Dr. Larry Oldham Dr. Larry Oldham Extension Professor
Mr. Paul Garrett Oswalt Extension Associate I
Mr. Elijah Michael Parrish Intermittent Worker
Dr. Brian K. Pieralisi Assistant Professor
Mr. Hayden Bryce Quick Extension Associate I
Mr. William C Ruffin Intermittent Worker
Mr. William Joseph Rutland Extension Associate I
Ms. Alanna Blaine Scholtes Extension Associate II
Mr. Christian Lynn Singleton Intermittent Worker
Portrait of Ms. Katherine Collum Sisk Ms. Katherine Collum Sisk Business Manager I
Ms. Jhonda Leigh Sowers Business Coordinator
Mr. Nolan Kyle Stapleton Extension Associate I
Portrait of Dr. Barry R. Stewart, PHD Dr. Barry R. Stewart, PHD Associate Professor
Mr. Steven Bennett Stoker Graduate Research Assistant
Ms. Linda M. Wells Intermittent Worker
Dr. Joshua Andrew White Mgr, Forage Variety Testing
Ms. Amy L Wilber Extension Associate I
Ms. Sarah Blaine Woodward Administrative Assistant I
Ms. Qianwen Zhang Graduate Research Assistant
Portrait of Dr. Brendan Zurweller Dr. Brendan Zurweller Assistant Professor
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Portrait of Dr. Darrin Dodds
Professor and Head
Cotton Agronomics

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