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Change your Extension Directory Information

The employee information is pulled from the Human Resources (HR) Database and from information you enter on your employee profile on the Extension Intranet.

For your title and/or department, Human Resources Management (HRM) will have to make that change.

The job title and department that HRM has in BANNER is submitted by the department using the Employment Action Form (EAF). HRM can’t change titles and departments without an EAF from the department. For changes to title or department name, the department must submit the EAF and get necessary approval signatures and then forward to Data Services for input.

Find out more about and download the EAF here.

HRM can change Mailstop and campus addresses, phone numbers, names (with updated social security card), etc.

The employee may email HRM directly for other updates such as addresses or name changes with appropriate documents to make the change.

HRM Phone: 662.325.3713

For other changes, please follow these instructions. 

To change your personal information, such as your phone number or address, you will need your PIN number. If you don’t have it or have trouble logging in, please contact India Crews in the Extension Center for Technology Outreach.

Phone 662-325-3226 or email:  

Please check your information by visiting and finding your page.

Some of the information shown is based on Human Resources data, but there is information you can change by visiting the Directories page on the Extension intranet ( and clicking the Update Your Directory Information link. 

To update your Employee Information, choose the first link, “Office address for [your name]”.

NOTE: Make sure you click the link for YOUR NAME. Otherwise, you will change your whole department to your address.

It may take a week for the new information to show up on the Extension web site.

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