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Longtime Southern Gardener Dr. Gary Bachman celebrating his retirement

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Thanks to Southern Gardener Dr. Gary Bachman for taking care of what matters for so many years!

From 2010, when Dr. Gary Bachman was named host of Southern Gardening by the Mississippi State University Extension Service, until January 2023, the popular horticulture-advice news column and video series has bloomed! On Facebook, Southern Gardening is connecting, reaching, and engaging thousands of Mississippians. Since the pandemic hit in 2020, Southern Gardening doubled its fans, reached 2.7 million users, and garnered more than 500,000 video views on Facebook.

Even though Dr. Bachman has ended his season as the Southern Gardener, Southern Gardening continues. Extension horticulture expert Dr. Eddie Smith is now publishing Southern Gardening’s relevant and timely horticulture advice in print, on Farmweek and other TV outlets, and on social media.


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