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List of Aquatic Weeds

Species Descriptions

In the publications listed below, the individual species descriptions are categorized as algae and the three vascular growth forms of submersed, emergent, and floating.

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Publication Numbersort descending Name Species Environment
P3735-00 Herbicide Application for Aquatic Plants
P3735-01 Filamentous Algae | Including Colonial Forms Algae Native
P3735-02 Macroalgae | Chara and Nitella spp. Algae Native
P3735-03 Planktonic Algae Algae Native
P3735-04 Bladderwort | Utricularia spp. Submersed Native
P3735-05 Brazilian Egeria | Egeria densa Submersed Non-Native
P3735-06 Canadian Waterweed | Elodea canadensis Submersed Native
P3735-07 Coontail | Ceratophyllum demersum Submersed Native
P3735-08 Fanwort | Cabomba spp. Submersed Native
P3735-09 Hydrilla | Hydrilla verticillata Submersed Non-Native
P3735-10 Pondweeds | Potamogeton spp. Submersed Native and Non-Native
P3735-11 Slender Spikerush | Eleocharis spp. Submersed Native
P3735-12 Southern Naiad | Najas guadalupensis Submersed Native
P3735-13 Watermilfoil | Myriophyllum spp. Submersed Native and Non-Native
P3735-14 Alligator Weed | Alternanthera philoxeroides Emergent Non-Native
P3735-15 American Bur-reed | Sparganium americanum Emergent Native
P3735-16 American Lotus | Nelumbo lutea Emergent Native
P3735-17 Arrowhead | Sagittaria spp. Emergent Native and Non-Native
P3735-18 Bald Cypress | Taxodium distichum Emergent Native
P3735-19 Bulrush | Schoenoplectus spp. Emergent Native
P3735-20 Buttonbush | Cephalanthus occidentalis Emergent Native
P3735-21 Cattail | Typha spp. Emergent Native
P3735-22 Creeping Burhead | Echinodorus cordifolius Emergent Native
P3735-23 Cut Grass | Leersia and Zizaniopsis spp. Emergent Native
P3735-24 Frog’s-Bit | Limnobium spongia Emergent Native
P3735-25 Iris | Iris spp. Emergent Native and Non-Native
P3735-26 Juncus | Juncus spp. Emergent Native
P3735-27 Lemon Bacopa | Bacopa caroliniana Emergent Native
P3735-28 Lizard’s Tail | Saururus cernuus Emergent Native
P3735-29 Parrot’s-feather | Myriophyllum aquaticum Emergent Non-Native
P3735-30 Phragmites | Phragmites australis Emergent Native and Non-Native
P3735-31 Pickerelweed | Pontederia cordata Emergent Native
P3735-32 Smartweed | Polygonum and Persicaria spp. Emergent Native and Non-Native
P3735-33 Spatterdock | Nuphar advena Emergent Native
P3735-34 Torpedograss | Panicum repens Emergent Non-Native
P3735-35 Water Lily | Nymphae spp. Emergent Native and Non-Native
P3735-36 Water Pennywort | Hydrocotye spp. Emergent Native
P3735-37 Water Primrose | Ludwigia spp. Emergent Native
P3735-38 Water Shield | Brasenia schreberi Emergent Native
P3735-39 Water Taro | Colocasia esculenta Emergent Non-Native
P3735-40 Waterleaf | Hydrolea spp. Emergent Native
P3735-41 Water-willow | Justicia americana Emergent Native
P3735-42 Duckweed | Lemna spp. Floating Native
P3735-43 Mosquito Fern | Azolla spp. Floating Native
P3735-44 Salvinia | Salvinia spp. Floating Non-Native
P3735-45 Water Hyacinth | Pontederia crassipes Floating Non-Native
P3735-46 Water Lettuce | Pistia stratiotes Floating Non-Native
P3735-47 Watermeal | Wolffia spp. Floating Native

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Publication Number: P3735-02
Publication Number: P3735-26
Publication Number: P3735-36
Publication Number: P3735-37
Publication Number: P3735-38

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