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Federal and State Listed Noxious Weeds

The federal and state noxious weed programs are designed to prevent the introduction of nonindigenous invasive plants. A noxious weed is a plant species that has been designated as damaging to agricultural or horticultural crops, natural habitats or ecosystems, humans, or livestock. The United States Department of Agriculture requires permits for the importation and/or interstate movement of plants listed as noxious weeds by the federal government. The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce prohibits the sale, distribution, and movement of plants listed on the State of Mississippi Noxious Weed List unless a special permit has been issued for research purposes.

Federal Aquatic Noxious Weed List

Common Name

Scientific Name


Limnophila sessiliflora

Anchored water hyacinth

Pontederia azurea


Sagittaria sagittifolia

Arrowleaf false pickerelweed

Monochoria hastata

Chinese water spinach

Ipomoea aquatica


Ottelia alismoides

Exotic bur-reed

Sparganium erectum

Giant salvinia (4 species)

Salvinia auriculata

Salvinia biloba

Salvinia herzogii

Salvinia molesta

Heartshape false pickerelweed

Monochoria vaginalis


Hydrilla verticillata

Killer algae

Caulerpa taxifolia


Melaleuca quinquenervia

Miramar weed

Hygrophila polysperma

Mosquito fern

Azolla pinnata

Oxygen weed

Lagarosiphon major

Wetland nightshade

Solanum tampicense


Mississippi State Aquatic Noxious Weed List

Common Name

Scientific Name

Giant salvinia

Salvinia molesta


Hydrilla verticillata


Panicum repens


Other Aquatic Species of Concern in Mississippi

Common Name

Scientific Name

Water hyacinth

Pontederia crassipes

Alligator weed

Alternanthera philoxeroides


Egeria densa

Eurasian watermilfoil

Myriophyllum spicatum

Water lettuce

Pistia stratiotes

Crested floating heart

Nymphoides cristata

Brittle naiad

Najas minor

Common salvinia

Salvinia minima

Cuban bulrush

Oxycaryum cubense



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Publication Number: P3735-26
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