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Child Care Short Course

Handwashing/Sanitation Short Course for Child Care Providers 

Handwashing, Cleaning and Sanitizing in Child Care summed up in one 2-hour short course. 

Is there a best way to hand wash? What about hand sanitizers? Can I disinfect? Why clean and sanitize? What does ‘sanitize’ mean?  All these topics and more!

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2 contact hours for $15 per person

You may log in and log out as much as you need to.

The course will be available to you for 6 months after your purchase. Make sure you print your certificate at the end for your hours. 

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Water flows from a stainless steel kitchen faucet into a clear drinking glass.
Filed Under: Food Safety, Health, Healthy Water Practices, Water, Water Quality August 2, 2018

Practical actions that can reduce lead in drinking water are highlights of a recently concluded multistate project.

A graphic depicts a woman preparing to clean a refrigerator after storing a recalled food item.
Filed Under: Food Safety, Health June 15, 2018

June is National Healthy Homes Month! Do you know all the steps to take to ensure your home is safe and healthy for your family?

A regular cleaning regime can keep your home free of dust, dirt, mold and pests. But did you know your refrigerator should be in this regular lineup? (Graphic by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

A white bowl contains red grape tomatoes, sliced strawberries, sliced red apples, green sugar snap peas, orange carrots, and a dark purple grape.
Filed Under: Family Financial Management, Food, Food Safety, Health, Nutrition May 15, 2018

Every weekend before I go grocery shopping, I clean out the refrigerator and experience guilt.

Partially full yogurt containers past their expiration date. Shriveling squash. Browning celery. Leftovers I saved with good intentions but never ate. (Photo by Kevin Hudson)

A football referee in a black and white striped shirt blows a whistle while another raises his arms to signal a touchdown. Another illustration uses a thermometer to depict the proper freezing, refrigeration, cooking and holding temperatures for food.
Filed Under: Food and Health, Food, Food Safety, Health February 2, 2018

I may not be very interested in football, but I love food. So for me, Superbowl parties are all about the snacks! (Photo credit: Karen Blakeslee/Kansas State University Research & Extension)

Filed Under: Food and Health, Food Safety June 16, 2017

RAYMOND, Miss. -- Electric pressure cookers can help home chefs get meals on the table in just minutes, but food science experts said preserving fruits and vegetables in these appliances can be risky.

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A woman wearing a white visor, maroon shirt, jeans, and boots marks a clipboard as five cows and three calves rest under a tree.
About Extension, Beef, Marketing and Business Planning, Rural Development, Food, Food Safety, Health, Nutrition, Rural Health
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