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AIM for CHangE Counties

Local residents are leveraging community connections, local experiences, and unique abilities to create citizen-led, comprehensive plans that impact positive, sustainable change with the help of AIM for CHangE!

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Holmes County

Humphreys County

Issaquena County

Leflore County

Quitman County

Sunflower County

Washington County

Holmes County

The Holmes County Health Coalition currently involves the municipalities of Durant, Lexington, and Tchula, as well as the community of Ebenezer. Representation is diverse, as appointed and elected officials, private-sector employers, education professionals, and grassroots community leaders come together for discussion and collaboration on strategies to address obesity in the communities they proudly call home. During their first year of activity, coalition members have identified goals and strategies for implementation centered on active transportation policies/plans, recreational enhancements, and healthy food availability.

  • Frances Bartee
  • Mary Wilz
  • Maria Shannon
  • General Vann
  • Robin McCrory
  • William Primer Jr.
  • Shintri Hathorn
  • Johnnie Simmons
  • Michael Fondren
  • Melissa Griffin
  • Ursula Perry
  • Verkeisha Wilkes
  • John C. Greer Jr.
  • Calvin Head
  • Henry Davis
  • Maudie Wilcoxson
  • Kenny Joiner
  • Max McKinney
  • Verlinda Alexander

Humphreys County

The Humphreys County Health Coalition currently includes two municipalities, Belzoni and Louise. Current membership reflects a mixture of elected officials, faith-based organizations, private citizens, grassroots community leaders, and nonprofit organizations. During their first year of activity, coalition members have identified goals and strategies for implementation centered on increased geographic and financial access to healthier food options, recreational enhancements, and active transportation policies/plans.

  • Bertha Townsend
  • Debbie Hill
  • Solola Delaney
  • Chester Dulaney
  • Martha Shields
  • Clara Reed
  • Susie Croft
  • Delores Harris
  • Alma Custom
  • Chandra Hines
  • Lola Byest
  • Carolyn Jackson
  • Roscoe Shields
  • Clifton Williams
  • Wardell Walton

Issaquena County

The Issaquena County Health Coalition arose from the work of residents who fought months of the backwater flooding. They are now working together to find ways to enhance their communities. Supervisors, store owners, and citizens are banding together to aim for change. This small, yet vital, group is finding ways to bring healthy foods into the county through a convenience store and to increase physical activity in their communities.

  • Stallard Williams
  • Eddie Holcomb
  • Kela Williams
  • Emily Carter
  • Dewayne Stewart Sr.
  • Lisa Nipper
  • Janet Whitfield
  • Jowilla Secoy
  • Stewart’s Grocery
  • Delta Health Center
  • The County Supervisor
  • Sharkey Issaquena Health Network

Leflore County

The Leflore County Health Coalition is primarily centered in the municipality of Itta Bena. In addition to advancing the mission of the AIM for ChangE initiative, coalition members serve as elected officials, nonprofit community development officers, regional hospital administrators, and grassroots community leaders. During their first year of activity, coalition members have identified goals and strategies for implementation centered on active transportation policies/plans and recreational enhancements.

  • Gladys Fant
  • Beth Stevens
  • Dee Jones
  • Jo Ann Purnell
  • Debra Hibbler
  • Ruthie Robinson
  • Rachel Splaingard
  • Thelma Collins
  • Clifton Williams
  • Kevin Coogan
  • Pamela Hilton

Quitman County

The Quitman County Health Coalition, primarily centered in the municipality of Marks, represents an ongoing collaboration between the MSU Carl Small Town Center and the county. Representatives spearheading this effort include historians, county government officials, and architectural experts. Goals in this county include infrastructural enhancements and policies/plans centered on active transportation.

  • Joe Shegog
  • Johnny Tullos
  • Jesse Ellis
  • Bettye Shaw
  • Velma Wilson
  • Pearlie Owen
  • Hubert Foster
  • Pamela McNutt
  • Samuel N.
  • Leah Kemp
  • Hilliard Lackey
  • Lynda Harris
  • S. Matthews
  • Greg Thomas
  • Robert Anderson
  • Teresa Tullos
  • Sandra Jamison
  • Beatrice Pryor

Sharkey County

The Sharkey County Health Coalition bears a great wealth of history in its community. This coalition thrives on creating change on many levels. Organizations already doing great work will be enhanced by the coalition’s efforts. This group aims to improve physical activity and increase capacity and feed the community through a food pantry.

  • Carl Watley
  • Frankie Morganfield
  • Barbara Williams
  • Lue Williams
  • Nickie Parker
  • Larry Bradford
  • Ezell Williams
  • Fred Miller
  • Phyllis Adams
  • Travis Gully
  • JoAnn Williams
  • Mt. Zion Baptist Church
  • Delta Health Center
  • City of Rolling Fork
  • Cary Christian Center
  • City of Anguilla
  • City of Cary
  • Issaquena Health Network

Sunflower County

The Sunflower County Health Coalition has a unique combination of people representing all parts of the county. From former state representatives to community citizens, they all want to advocate for change in their communities. They hope to increase healthy food access, introduce these foods to more children, and improve physical activity at local parks and in after-school programs.

  • James Sample
  • George Holland
  • Carolyn O’Neal
  • Gloria Dickerson
  • Verna Ransom
  • Scherrie Payne
  • Leigh Lovelace
  • Kate Gluckman
  • Sara Thomas
  • Leslie Johnson
  • Deloris Coleman
  • Dee Jones
  • Larry Sibley
  • Hope Credit Union
  • Delta Health Alliance
  • City of Drew
  • City of Inverness
  • City of Moorhead
  • City of Indianola Recreation and Parks
  • Sunflower County Freedom Project
  • Sunflower County Board of Supervisors
  • Sunflower County Consolidated School District

Washington County

The Washington County Health Coalition is a diverse group of involved citizens. Many members are involved in community, political, and educational entities. They want to create access to healthy foods in areas that don’t have stores and to introduce children to more fruits and vegetables through hands-on learning. Also, the coalition wants to increase physical activity in south Washington County, where there is no public fitness center.

  • Pearlie Douglas
  • Demalda Newsome
  • Clara Adams
  • Leslie Johnson
  • Angela Mouldin
  • Rufus Newsome
  • Tasha Banks
  • Helen Johnson
  • Kristan Newsome
  • Margret Evans
  • Pandora Redmon
  • Caroline Francisco
  • Ryan Betz
  • Grace Outreach Church
  • Delta Health Alliance
  • Delta EATS
  • Newsome Farms
  • Leland School District
  • City of Hollandale
  • Hearty Helping Food Pantry
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Publication Number: P3430


A woman and a man pose in front of shopping bags and blue crates.
Filed Under: Rural Development, AIM for CHangE November 24, 2021

DREW, Miss. -- The small Delta town of Drew in the heart of Sunflower County has created a private, public and academic partnership to fight food insecurity.

For its efforts, the town recently received a big new honor, along with funding to advance ongoing health equity improvements. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) last month awarded Drew and nine other communities the 2020–2021 Culture of Health Prize, along with $25,000.

Man in a maroon shirt and baseball cap in a greenhouse.
Filed Under: Agriculture, AIM for CHangE, Mental Health First Aid July 22, 2021

LOUISVILLE, Miss. -- Jim McAdory wears many hats. On any given day, the Mississippi State University Extension Service agent fields calls from local cattle farmers, teaches kids about the importance of daily nutrition, and tests soil to diagnose front yard and garden harvest problems -- all before lunch.

Based in Winston County, McAdory recently gained an additional role: Mental Health First Aid instructor.

Filed Under: AIM for CHangE July 8, 2021

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Only eight teams were accepted into the Society of Public Health Education Writing for Publication Workshop this summer, and one of them is from Mississippi State University.

Katharine Halfacre and Masey Smith, Extension specialists in the MSU Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion, were accepted into the competitive program for their involvement with the MSU Extension program AIM for CHangE.

Two people step off a bus.
Filed Under: Food and Health, Health, AIM for CHangE, Rural Health June 21, 2021

Citizens in northern Sunflower County can use a new ride-sharing service to maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle. The service, called Healthy Destination Access, kicked off June 15 with ribbon cuttings in Rome and Drew.

Three volunteers unload boxes from an 18-wheeler.
Filed Under: Health and Wellness, AIM for CHangE May 6, 2021

MAYERSVILLE, Miss. -- Alexis Hamilton never thought he would be hauling a green plastic dinosaur sheathed in protective plastic through an empty field in the Mississippi Delta. But when he looks back on his career, it’s not that big of a leap.


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