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In Holmes County, Mississippi, partners from multiple sectors have assembled to establish the Lexington Food Pantry. A collaboration between the city of Lexington, the county, MSU Extension, private citizens, and others, this group overcame extraordinary odds to build a successful food-relief organization.


Residents of Falcon, a town in Quitman County, Mississippi, had limited access to resources to support a physically active lifestyle. Through community engagement, support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and work by MSU Extension, they now have new pocket parks, as well as a rehabilitated basketball court, where young people and adults alike can be active.


For many years, Pandora Redmond has served the people of Greenville, Mississippi, in Washington County through the Hearty Helpings Food Pantry. In partnership with MSU Extension, she is now able to provide additional services and meet new and greater needs in the community. Redmond also is able to provide healthier options for the people she serves because of the work she and Extension have done together.

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Five women seated around a table view an assortment of food items and food guideline workbooks as a man stands nearby and looks on.
Filed Under: Community, Food and Health, AIM for CHangE, Nutrition June 5, 2024

JACKSON, Miss. -- Food pantry clients may soon find healthier options more often thanks to new food service guidelines.

Filed Under: Food and Health, AIM for CHangE, Rural Health December 11, 2023

JACKSON, Miss. -- For five years, AIM for CHangE has turned federal dollars into park updates, playgrounds, food pantries, ride-sharing programs and community produce gardens for underserved areas in Mississippi.

Children stand and sit around life-size, bright-yellow letters that spell out “share.”
Filed Under: Food and Health, Health, AIM for CHangE November 29, 2023

RAYMOND, Miss. -- The Mississippi State University Extension Service recently received a second cycle of funding for a project that has worked to combat obesity by helping people eat healthier and participate in physical activity. The AIM for CHangE program was awarded a five-year, $4.4 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help continue efforts to combat obesity in 10 target counties.

Success Stories

A woman, wearing a red T-shirt listing Rosemary’s Daycare on it, smiles while sitting on a bench with many small children sitting beside her, also smiling.
Volume 9 Number 3

The StoryWalk and colorful word art now installed in downtown Belzoni are giving Rosemary Williams a new opportunity for the children she cares for at Rosemary’s Daycare and Learning Center.

A professionally dressed woman standing in front of many rows of food cans and beside a sign that lists “HOPE.”
Volume 9 Number 2

Imagine what Mississippi might look like if everyone had access to healthy foods. The state could set an example for other rural states in using existing resources, collaborating with officials and stakeholders, and creating solutions that have measurable impacts for individuals and families.

Three men and one woman standing inside.
Volume 9 Number 2

Rev. Dr. Manney Murphy has known for years that serving his community is his calling. Even after years of making a difference in Warren County, Murphy recently felt led to return to his father’s hometown of Yazoo City. Now, he’s working to change how Mississippians of all ages in the Delta are accessing and receiving healthcare.

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