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Agricultural Communications

  • A woman wearing a white shirt stands behind a camera as two women in front of the camera smile.
    Michaela Parker, digital communications coordinator for Ag Communications, films videos and shoots photography for a variety of digital outlets, including Youtube, social media, and Extension’s own website.

Your partner in reaching, teaching, and persuading your audience!

Agricultural Communications (AgComm) provides strategic communications leadership, consultation, products, and services that educate and motivate audiences and position our agencies and colleges as premier providers of education and expertise.

AgComm’s talented professionals apply their diverse expertise to help administrators, faculty, and staff plan, develop, and achieve effective communications with key audiences through a wide range of media. AgComm is an Extension unit, and our support and services are available to all units in the Division of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine.

Our communications work focuses on two primary strategic goals:

  • delivering useful, research-based information and education to support the Extension, Research, and Teaching missions of the Division.
  • promoting the units and programs within the Division to increase awareness and understanding of their value and impact.

To request AgComm support or services or to submit Extension publication requests, complete our online request form.

MSU Mailstop:
Mailing Address:
Box 9625
Mississippi State , MS
Physical Address:
Room 110 Bost Extension Center, 190 Bost-North
Mississippi State , Mississippi


Name Job Title Email
Portrait of Mr. Zachry Thomas Ashmore Mr. Zachry Thomas Ashmore Video Producer
Portrait of Ms. Leah Barbour Ms. Leah Barbour Marketing & Communication Coor
Portrait of Ms. Cynthia E. Barron Ms. Cynthia E. Barron Web Communications Designer
Portrait of Ms. Bonnie A. Coblentz Ms. Bonnie A. Coblentz Senior Extension Associate
Portrait of Ms. Susan M. Collins-Smith Ms. Susan M. Collins-Smith Extension Associate II
Portrait of Ms. Gina W. Daly Ms. Gina W. Daly Extension Associate II
Portrait of Mr. Brian D. Dorsey Mr. Brian D. Dorsey Instructional Designer
Portrait of Ms. Ellen Lucille Graves Ms. Ellen Lucille Graves Social Media Strategist
Portrait of Mr. Robert Nathan Gregory Mr. Robert Nathan Gregory News Writer
Portrait of Mr. Kevin Hudson Mr. Kevin Hudson Photographer
Ms. Kelli Nicole Jacobs Digital Asset Coordinator
Ms. Linda Denise Jones Copy Center Operator
Ms. Dominique Nicole Lewis Publications Editor
Mr. Stan Moreland Copy Center Operator
Portrait of Ms. Keryn Page Ms. Keryn Page Publications Manager
Portrait of Ms. Mary Michaela Parker Ms. Mary Michaela Parker Marketing & Communication Coor
Portrait of Mr. Jonathan Wesley Parrish Mr. Jonathan Wesley Parrish Extension Associate I
Portrait of Mr. Michael E Peterson Mr. Michael E Peterson Publications Editor
Mr. Tyler Dawson Pilkington Copy Center Operator
Portrait of Ms. Mikayla Shelton Prisock Ms. Mikayla Shelton Prisock Project Coordinator
Portrait of Mr. Mike Russell Mr. Mike Russell Broadcast Television Producer
Portrait of Mr. Art Shirley, Jr. Mr. Art Shirley, Jr. Interim Head, Ag Communication
Portrait of Mr. Phillip E. Smith Mr. Phillip E. Smith Extension Associate III
Portrait of Mr. Chris Sowers Mr. Chris Sowers Print Manager
Portrait of Ms. Emily Sykes Stovall Ms. Emily Sykes Stovall Social Media Specialist
Portrait of Ms. Kim Trimm Ms. Kim Trimm Extension Associate II
Portrait of Mr. Brian Utley Mr. Brian Utley Senior Extension Associate
Ms. Christina Wade Vanderberg Business Manager I
Portrait of Ms. Annette Woods Ms. Annette Woods Senior Extension Associate
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Portrait of Mr. Art Shirley, Jr.
Interim Head, Ag Communication
Web, Marketing, Graphic Design

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