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About AgComm

Department: Agricultural Communications

What we do

  • Communications consultation, campaign planning, and creative development
  • Communications training
  • Program and organizational branding, marketing, and communications strategy
  • Educational, scientific, and promotional publications
  • Magazines, newsletters, and other periodicals
  • Media relations and media advisories
  • Video, radio, and print advertising
  • Farmweek weekly half-hour television program
  • Southern Gardening and The Food Factor weekly television news feature series
  • Southern Gardening and Farm & Family daily radio programs
  • Educational and promotional videos
  • Print and video news releases
  •, other web sites, and social media
  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Exhibit design and production
  • Photographic services
  • Printing, high-speed color and black-and-white output
  • Laser engraving and etching of plaques, name badges, signs, and other items
  • Binding services
  • Distribution, inventory management, and mailing

What can we do for you?

As you plan a project or program, we encourage you to contact us early in the process, so that we can provide you with the best possible solutions to meet your communications needs. If you’re not sure how to begin, just call Kay Swoope at 662.325.2262.

How does AgComm support the Extension Plan of Work Process?

Agricultural Communications stands ready to assist Specialists in development and delivering their programs in three primary ways:

  • Working with Specialists to identify and analyze audience research to package the program, its educational methods, and its messaging in ways that are most appealing and motivating to the target audience.
  • Writing, editing, designing, and producing marketing materials to promote the program to its audience and curriculum, educational publications, videos, and other communications tools to support program delivery.
  • Working with evaluation and impact information to craft materials to communicate the value of the program to elected officials and other stakeholders.

To take advantage of Agricultural Communications talent and expertise in supporting your Extension program, please contact Elizabeth Gregory North (, Keryn Page (, or Leah Barbour (

How we charge for services

Most of our services are provided without charge to the faculty and staff of the units that fund our operation: Extension and the Vice President’s Office. Work for other units or for fee-based or grant-funded projects is charged at standard rates to the client’s grant or account. Charges for printing, engraving, mailing, and other services of our Print Shop are based on cost-recovery and can be charged to University accounts or paid by check. If you are preparing a grant proposal, we will be glad to provide cost estimates to ensure that adequate resources will be available to achieve your communications objectives.

Advance approval is required for some projects, such as publications and video productions. Call us for more information about approval processes. Procedures for approval of Extension publications are also available on the Extension Intranet under “Services.”

Call on us. We’re ready to help you!

Kay Swoope, Customer Service Representative
Initiate jobs & requests for support, check status
Voice: 662.325.2262

Elizabeth Gregory North, Head
Strategic communications consultation, campaign planning, marketing and branding, training
Voice: 662.325.1716

Leah Barbour
Extension Marketing Communications Coordinator
Voice: 662-325-3873

Art Shirley, Manager
Web & Graphic Design
Voice: 662.325.0547

Keryn Page, Manager
Publications & Periodicals
Voice: 662.325.1736

Keri Collins Lewis, Manager
Media Relations
Voice: 662.325.0131

Chris Sowers, Manager
Print Shop
Voice: 662.325.3745

Angie Simpson, Business Manager
Administrative & Budget Services
Voice: 662.325.1716


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