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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3320 ORNAMENTAL GRASSES for Central Mississippi Grasses June 14, 2019
M1230 Plant Diagnostic Laboratory Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services June 17, 2019
P2432 Money Traps that Can Keep You Broke Family Financial Management May 7, 2019
P3331 Benefit–Cost Analysis of Selling Pregnant Replacement Females: Information and Timing Matters Agricultural Economics, Beef May 30, 2019
IB0536 Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials, 2018 Soybeans February 25, 2019
M2274 Growing People, Ideas, and Communities in Extension About Extension February 20, 2019
IS1525 Freshwater Prawns: Biology and Life History Crawfish February 14, 2019
P3314 Notes for Agents and Volunteers Leading Sweet Mississippi - Floral Design Workshops Cut Flowers and Houseplants February 14, 2019
P3327 Cottage Food Laws in Mississippi Agricultural Economics, Food February 14, 2019
P2938 Crape Myrtle Bark Scale Identification and Control Insects, Insects-Home Lawns, Landscape Plants and Trees Diseases May 28, 2019
F1180 Key Financial Indicators Exercise Water, Rural Water Association, Water Quality June 27, 2019
P3304 Safety Awareness in Mississippi 4-H Horse Programs Youth Livestock, Youth Horse, Equine, Children and Parenting June 18, 2019
P3321 Proper Earth Grounding in Mississippi Poultry Houses Can Prevent Lightning Damage Poultry, Environment February 6, 2019
M2273 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Art Book Environment February 6, 2019
P1305 4-H Forestry Project No. 4 Making Your Own Forestry Library 4-H, 4-H Forestry February 1, 2019
P3301 Snapdragon for the Farmer Florist Floral Design May 7, 2019
P3207 Chinese Privet Agriculture, Invasive Plants February 5, 2019
P3312 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Environment January 31, 2019
P3313 Sweet Mississippi Flower Bowl Cut Flowers and Houseplants January 30, 2019
P3316 Callery pear Agriculture, Trees, Weed Control for Lawn and Garden January 30, 2019