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Publications Filed Under Food and Health

EC HealthNet Strategic Planning Retreat

EC HealthNet Health Care Provider Survey

EC HealthNet Analysis of Healthcare Coverage

Freezing Vegetables 4-H Food Preservation Project Unit 2

Canning Fruits & Tomatoes 4-H Food Preservation Project Unit 3

Fun with Quick Breads 4-H Bread Project: Basic Unit

Bed Bugs And What To Do About Them

Food Defense and Biosecurity; Elements and Guidelines for a Defense Plan

  • Publication Number: P2593
    Filed Under: Food Safety
    Publication Type: Publications

Control Fleas on Your Pet, in Your House, and in Your Yard

Effect of Reservoir Host and Climactic Conditions on Emerging Heartworm Disease: Part 2

Feline Heartworm Disease and Other Factors of Emerging Heartworm Disase, Part 4

Identification Guide to Adult Mosquitoes in Mississippi

Now Serving: Beans!

Feeding a Crowd? Do It Safely

Better Planning: Better Meals

  • Publication Number: IS0776
    Filed Under: Food, Health, Nutrition
    Publication Type: Information Sheets

Food Preservation - Selection, Use and Care of Canning Equipment

  • Publication Number: IS0845
    Filed Under: Food
    Publication Type: Information Sheets

Safe Food in a Hurry

Stress Management

  • Publication Number: IS1401
    Filed Under: Health
    Publication Type: Information Sheets

Food - Shopping for One or Two

Preparing Food During a Power Failure