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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P2809 Sweetpotato Storage Root Initiation Sweet Potatoes September 16, 2020
P3512 TIPS FOR PARENTS How to Effectively Use Positive Discipline Strategies Children and Parenting September 11, 2020
P3515 Broiler Litter: Odor and Moisture Concerns Poultry September 9, 2020
P3489 How Much Meat to Expect from a Beef Animal: Farm-Direct Beef Beef September 2, 2020
P2568 Protect Your House from Termites Termites September 4, 2020
P3499 Pine and Magnolia Wreath (Pinus elliottii and Magnolia grandiflora) for the Farmer Florist Floral Design September 3, 2020
P3514 Cotton Compensation and Economic Insecticide Applications Agriculture, Crops, Cotton, Insects-Crop Pests, Insects September 1, 2020
P3509 Surge Irrigation Agriculture, Irrigation September 1, 2020
P3406 Wild Turkey Ecology and Management for Mississippi and the Southeastern U.S. Natural Resources, Wildlife August 28, 2020
P3510 Issues with Poultry House LED Lamps and Light Dimmers Poultry September 4, 2020
P3506 Rudbeckia for the Mississippi Gardener Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens August 27, 2020
P3497 Disaster Preparedness for Food Businesses: An Overview Disaster Preparedness August 27, 2020
P3511 Controlling Wild Garlic in Mississippi Lawns Lawn and Garden September 9, 2020
M2368 ¡Sea un héroe! ¡Proteja a sus nietos y a usted mismo del COVID-19! Coronavirus August 25, 2020
P3385 Animal Identification Process for Mississippi Junior Livestock Shows 4-H Livestock Program, Youth Livestock, Livestock August 24, 2020
M2367 Be A Hero! Protect your grandchildren and yourself from COVID-19! Coronavirus August 21, 2020
P3498 Preparing to Respond: Four Steps to Developing a Crisis Communication Plan Food and Health, Food Safety August 21, 2020
P3483 How to Sip Safe: Staff Sip Safe August 20, 2020
P3485 How to Sip Safe: Parents Sip Safe August 20, 2020
P3484 How to Sip Safe: Owners & Operators Sip Safe August 20, 2020