Bylaws and Policies
Rural Utility Service Bylaws Template (RUS 1780-20)
Water Association Policies and Procedures 
Water User’s Agreement Template

Capacity Assessment
Capacity Assessment Survey Records and Forms Recommendations
Mississippi Peer Review Evaluation Guide (2009)
Standard Water System Capacity Assessment Survey Form
2009 Capacity Assessment Survey Forms, Guidelines and Survey Summary Results

Financial Management
Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 34 (GASB-34)
Financial Audit for Mississippi State Auditor Guidelines
Mississippi Purchasing Law

Laws and Regulations
Mississippi Primary Drinking Water Regulations
Mississippi Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations
Job Performance Guidelines for Certified Waterworks Operators
EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Standards
EPA Groundwater Rule Regulations
EPA Sanitary Survey Guidance Manual for Groundwater Systems
Mississippi Regulation of Excavations Near Underground Utility Facilities

Certified Operator/General Manager Position Description
Office Manager/Secretary/Clerk Position Description
Mississippi State Department of Health Filing System Requirements
Approved Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers
Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies List

NRWA Utility Guide for Security Decision Making
NRWA Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide
NRWA Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide for Small Drinking Water Systems Below 3,300 Population
NRWA Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide for Small Drinking Water Systems Serving Populations Between 3,300 and 10,000
FEMA Request for Public Assistance Form 90-49
FEMA Preliminary Damage Assessment Form 90-135

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