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Healthy Cleaning Recipes

All-Purpose Cleaner

2 tablespoons borax
¼ cup vinegar
2 cups hot water

Mix borax and vinegar with water in a spray bottle.
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Recipe adapted from "Clean and Green" by Margaret Harris, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.

No-Streak Glass Cleaner

¼ cup white vinegar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
4 cups warm water

Mix the ingredients; apply with a sponge, or pour into a spray bottle. For lint-free results, wipe dry with crumpled newspaper, and buff to a shine.
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Recipe adapted from "Green Cleaning" by Sharon M. S. Gibson and Pamela R. Turner, The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.

Furniture Polish

1 lemon
1 teaspoon olive oil (least expensive)
1 teaspoon water

Make fresh polish each time you use it. Extract the juice from the lemon. Mix with oil and water. Apply a thin coat on a wood surface, and let sit for 5 minutes. Use a soft cloth to buff to a deep shine.
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Recipe adapted from "Clean and Green" by Margaret Harris, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.


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A golden retriever scratches fleas on green grass.
Filed Under: Healthy Homes Initiative, Pets, Insects-Pet Pests, Insects-Pests March 12, 2019

Peak flea season is in the spring and summer, but in warmer areas like the South, successful flea control is a yearlong battle. (Photo by CanStock)

Filed Under: Healthy Homes Initiative January 31, 2019

Human health in the home is the focus of a new partnership between the Mississippi State University Extension Service and the Mississippi University for Women College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Filed Under: Healthy Homes Initiative October 5, 2018

The Mississippi State University Extension Service has received national recognition for a Healthy Homes Initiative marketing campaign.

The National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences presented Extension with the first-place Marketing Package Award for its Healthy Homes Initiative promotional efforts.

A man kneels in a walk-in shower, reaching down to a point in the entryway.
Filed Under: Family Dynamics, Healthy Homes Initiative September 20, 2018

Those who struggle with injury or disability know it is never too early to make changes that allow a house to be more accommodating to people with impaired mobility.

An African American woman with braided hair and wearing a white sweater shares a board book with her infant daughter who wears a coral shirt.
Filed Under: Family, Children and Parenting, Healthy Homes Initiative May 29, 2018

Most parents are too busy for a college course in child development, but want to help their babies grow into children who are successful in learning and ultimately successful in life. (Photo by Canstock)

Success Stories

Russell Carroll, a housing authority official, shares his story about Extension training.
Healthy Homes Initiative
Volume 3 Number 3

He is already good at what he does as maintenance supervisor with the Canton Housing Authority, but Russell Carroll wants to be even better.

Anytime he gets a chance to participate in a training program, he takes it. Russell Carroll cares about sharing the best practices—and implementing them—to benefit the tenants on his watch.


Furniture Cleaner
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Furniture Cleaner

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All Purpose Cleaner
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All-Purpose Cleaner

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No-Streak Glass Cleaner
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Glass Cleaner

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 3:30pm


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