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COVID-19 Resources for Businesses, Farms, and Communities

Mississippi FARM Corps

The mission of Mississippi FARM Corps is to provide a ready, willing, and able workforce of National Guard and Reserve soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and other military veterans in service to American agriculture.


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Hand Hygiene


Info in PDF above.


Info in PDF above.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer – Small scale recipe from World Health Organization formulation


Information in PDF above.


Info in PDF above.

Cleaning and Disinfection


Info in PDF above.


Info in PDF above.


General FAQs and Employee Health

Cleaning and Disinfection

Receiving and Food Packaging

Restaurant Reopening Information
AFDO Restaurant Reopening Fact Sheet v.5.pdf

Grocery Store

General FAQs and Employee Health

Cleaning and Disinfection

Receiving and Food Packaging

Grocery Shopping

Food Bank

Best Practices and Communication

Receiving Food and Cleaning 

Farmers’ Markets

Handling COVID-19 at Farmers’ Markets

U-Pick Farms  

Handling COVID-19 at U-Pick Farms


Community-Gardens_COVID-19_Flyer MSU.pdf

Virtual Backgrounds 

Bulk-Beef-Sales_COVID-19_Flyer MSU.pdf

Bulk-Pork-Sales_COVID-19_Flyer MSU.pdf

Bulk-Poultry-Sales_COVID-19_Flyer MSU.pdf



Online Resources:


Retail Food Environments, Farms, and Industry

Preparing Businesses

OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 -

World Health Organization -


Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Coronavirus and Pandemic Preparedness for the Food Industry:

The Acheson Group (TAG), COVID-19 FAQ for the Food Industry:


Cornell University - Novel Coronavirus Prevention & Control for Farms -

EPA, List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2

EPA, Drinking Water and Waste Water -

CDC, How to Remove Gloves

National Restaurant Association (ServSafe) -

National Restaurant Association (ServSafe) -

National Restaurant Association (ServSafe) Webinar -

Fightbac, Cleaning and Sanitizing High-Touch Surfaces,

Georgia Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Recommendations COVID-19

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Publication Number: M2361


Graphic showing kids wearing masks with tips for parents.
Filed Under: Family, Children and Parenting, Food and Health, Health, Coronavirus July 28, 2020

If your children are headed back to the classroom, they may be required to wear a mask. We have some tips to help you and your children get ready for this new rule.

Three students wear face masks as they sit at their desks.
Filed Under: Health and Wellness, Family, Children and Parenting, Health, Coronavirus July 28, 2020

Parents can help children understand how to stay healthy at school amid the COVID-19 pandemic as they prepare for the start of the academic year.

Large nets converge on a boat with two men aboard.
Filed Under: Catfish, Catfish Marketing, Coronavirus July 17, 2020

Cash flow challenges are the latest struggle for Mississippi catfish producers, as product sales to their biggest consumers -- restaurants -- are way down due to COVID-19.

A woman looks on while a young boy writes on a piece of paper.
Filed Under: Family, Children and Parenting, Coronavirus July 7, 2020

Parents dealing with COVID-19 closings are working daily to find safe child care for young children when most of the traditional summer options are gone.

A bar graph showing data on coronavirus cases.
Filed Under: Coronavirus June 16, 2020

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Knowing the difference between quarantining and isolating is critical in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

On June 15, the Mississippi State Department of Health reported the COVID-19 case total exceeded 20,000, with more than 900 deaths. Rising along with those numbers is the seven-day average of cases by date when the patients became sick. MSDH data indicate an average of around 300 cases per day through the first half of June compared to approximately 250 daily at the beginning of May.

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