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Coronavirus Videos

Natasha Haynes talks slowing down the spread of the Coronavirus

Natasha Haynes, host of the Food Factor for MSU Extension Service, shares tips on staying safe when it come to COVID-19.

Dr. Gary Bachman on COVID-19

Dr. Gary Bachman, host of Southern Gardening for MSU Extension Service, shares personal thoughts and tips on COVID-19.

Ways to Stay Healthy While at the Grocery Store

Dr. Courtney Crist, Extension Food Safety Specialist, joins Dr. David Buys, MSU Extension State Health Specialist, to discuss food concerns in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Ways to Engage Your Children When Confined to the Home

Dr. Alisha Hardman, Extension Family Life & Evaluation Specialist, joins Dr. David Buys, MSU Extension State Health Specialist, to discuss ways to engage your children when confined to the home. 

Simple Steps to Stay Healthy

Dr. David Buys, MSU Extension State Health Specialist, discussed simple says to stay healthy.

How to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus

Melissa Tenhet, a child development expert, joins Dr. David Buys, MSU Extension State Health Specialist, to discuss how we can talk to children about the coronavirus. 

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Terminology

Dr. Will Evans, Professor and Head of the MSU Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion Department, joins Dr. David Buys, MSU Extension State Health Specialist, to discuss the terminology being used when discussing the Coronavirus.  

Who is at Risk for the Coronavirus?

Dr. Cliff Story, Executive Director of MSU Health Services, joins Dr. David Buys, MSU Extension State Health Specialist, to talk about the facts regarding the Coronavirus. 

How to Recognize Credible Coronavirus Information

Dr. David Buys, MSU Extension Health Specialist, goes over the ways to recognize a credible online source.

Hand Washing Demonstration

Natasha Haynes demonstrates the proper technique for washing your hands.


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A woman uses a hoe to tend a flower bed.
Filed Under: Fruit, Coronavirus, Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens April 3, 2020

Interest in gardening has nearly kept pace with social distancing and self-isolation rates across the country as the COVID-19 pandemic has circled the globe.

Three bags of frozen food sit on a counter.
Filed Under: Food, Coronavirus, Nutrition April 1, 2020

If your income has been affected by the new coronavirus situation, you may be looking at ways to stretch your budget. 


Cooking at home can help.

One hand holds a phone while the other hand wipes the screen with a small cloth.
Filed Under: Family, Coronavirus April 1, 2020

Unless they are carefully cleaned, phones and handheld devices now carry a greater risk than enabling users to waste time: virus transmission.

Graphic showing 2020 planting intentions
Filed Under: Agriculture, Corn, Cotton, Peanuts, Rice, Soybeans, Forages, Coronavirus March 31, 2020

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Weather always plays a role in the spring planting decisions of Mississippi row-crop producers, but the market impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is another variable they will have to consider in 2020.

Woman points at computer screen.
Filed Under: Marketing and Business Planning, Small Business, Technology, Coronavirus March 31, 2020

Thanks to technology, meetings still can be held face-to-face while practicing social distancing, and some tips from the pros can help make the transition easier.

The Mississippi State University Extension Service Center for Technology Outreach has provided technological support for remote learning for more than 20 years. Advances in technology make it faster, easier and possible from home.


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