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Community Reports

Community Reports

What are the challenges and resources supportive of healthy aging in your community? Browse through the reports below to learn what folks in Oktibbeha, Clay, Copiah, Lincoln, and Itawamba counties as well as the city of Pascagoula had to say about their communities. Most importantly, see what they decided to do once they discussed what was and was not working for them.

The objective of the community reports is not only to report on the findings and successes of the Smart Aging: Healthy Futures project, but to encourage civic groups, places of worship, public officials, other organizations and individuals to consider where they might be able to add to the quality of life of their local senior population. Hopefully you might get some ideas that will contribute to healthy aging in your town. Please take a look at the “three wishes” lists and consider what might be important in your area and how you might play a part in creating a healthy future for seniors and for your community.

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