Public Water System Board Management Training Program

  • What is the Board Management Training Program?

    The Board Management Training Program was developed following the passage of a law by the Mississippi Legislature requiring board members of community water systems to attend management training. This legislation came about because of growing concerns of maintaining safe water supplies and the increasing technical and legal responsibilities assumed by board members.

  • Who is required to attend the Board Management Training Program?

    According to Section 41-26-101, Mississippi Code of 1972, board members elected or reelected after June 30, 1998, to serve on a governing board of any community water system are required to attend the Board Management Training Program. This includes mayors. Board members, representing municipalities with a population greater than 10,000, are exempt from participating in the program.

  • Once I have attended the session, do I have to attend again?

    No. As the law is currently written, once you have attended Board Management Training, you are certified for life.

  • Can I participate in the program even if I am not required to?

    Yes. If you represent a municipal water system with a population greater than 10,000 you may still attend. If you have already met the training requirement, you may also attend the training again or view the videos found on to refresh and sharpen your skills.

  • What will I learn by attending the program?

    Board members are exposed to a variety of information dealing with water system management. The curriculum includes the following topics: laws and regulations, duties and responsibilities, emergency preparedness, management and finance, rate setting, long-range planning, and customer service and public relations.

  • How much is the registration fee?

    The registration fee is $75 and should be reimbursed to the board member as an expense to the community water system. This fee includes a copy of the Management Training Manual for Board Members of Public Water Supplies.

  • Who teaches the training sessions?

    The Mississippi State University Extension Service coordinates this program. The instructors for the training sessions consist of technical assistance providers, managers, and operators from the Communities Unlimited, the Mississippi Rural Water Association, and the Mississippi Water and Pollution Control Operators’ Association.

  • Where are the training sessions held and how long do they last?

    The training sessions are held in various locations across the state so extensive travel is not needed to attend a training session. This eight-hour training is held as a one-day session or is divided into two nights so participants with work or other obligations can easily make arrangements to attend.

  • How do I know if a training session is being held in my area?

    If a training session is being held in your area, you should receive notice in the mail at least one month prior to the session. A training calendar is published yearly and sent to all community water systems (including municipalities).

  • Who do I contact to find out more information?

    Kase Kingery
    Box 9643
    Mississippi State, MS 39762
    Phone – 662.325.4453
    FAX – 662.325.8954
    E-Mail Address –
    Website –

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