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Coastal Marine Extension Program

Welcome to the Coastal & Marine Extension Program! Our mission is to put science into practice by providing coastal stakeholders with the knowledge they need to make sound environmental, economic, and resilient decisions. The process of gathering information and getting it to people that can use it involves Extension, applied research, outreach, and education activities. Our focus areas are broad and adapt to the current needs of stakeholders, but generally involve stewardship of coastal and marine resources and resiliency of coastal communities. We work across individual, local, state, regional, national, and international scales, but focus primarily on the coastal regions of Mississippi and Alabama through our affiliation with the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium. This program is comprised of several subprograms that individually contain multiple programs. To learn more about these subprograms, click on their logo below.

We are always looking for feedback, new partners, and projects. If you have any coastal and marine issues or ideas you would like to discuss or would like to learn more about our work, please reach out to Eric Sparks at

Based on the availability of funding, we are often looking for undergraduates, graduate students, and post-graduates for a variety of positions. If you are interested in joining our team, reach out to Eric Sparks at

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Name Job Title Email
Ms. Brianna Michelle Andrews Extension Program Assistant
Mr. Keith Antoine Chenier Extension Program Assistant
Ms. Renee Collini Extension Instructor
Ms. Catherine Jennifer Cowan Intermittent Worker
Portrait of Dr. James Marcus Drymon Dr. James Marcus Drymon Assistant Extension Professor
Ms. Jessica Gooch Intermittent Worker
Ms. Gaelyn M. Gros Intermittent Worker
Ms. Shelby Ann Harrier Intermittent Worker
Ms. Mikaela C Heming Extension Associate I
Mr. Bryan Luis Huerta Beltran Intermittent Worker
Portrait of Mr. Matthew Bernard Jargowsky Mr. Matthew Bernard Jargowsky Extension Program Associate
Portrait of Ms. Amanda E. Jefferson Ms. Amanda E. Jefferson Extension Associate I
Mr. Lance David Malcolm Intermittent Worker
Ms. Elinor Reed Mallon Extension Program Assistant
Ms. Sara Elizabeth Martin Extension Associate I
Portrait of Dr. Wayne Porter Dr. Wayne Porter Senior Extension Associate
Ms. Alyssa E. Rodolfich Extension Program Assistant
Ms. Amanda Nicole Sartain Extension Program Associate
Ms. Emily Seubert Extension Program Associate
Portrait of Dr. Eric L. Sparks Dr. Eric L. Sparks Asst Ext Professor & Director
Ms. Sonia Marie Vedral Extension Associate I
Mr. Anthony James Vedral Extension Associate I
Mr. Matthew Finley Virden Extension Program Associate
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Portrait of Dr. Eric L. Sparks
Asst Ext Professor & Director
coastal conservation and restoration, living shorelines, marine debris, environmental stewards

Recent Publications

Publication Number: P0850
Publication Number: P3527
Publication Number: P3312
Publication Number: P3061