For information regarding the Bost Conference Center please contact:

Detrick Swangen
Phone: 662-325-3589
Fax: 662-325-4538


Ms. Leandria Peoples
Phone: 662-325-3032

Student Workers

Robert Braford and Brentson Hall, Bost Conference Center Office, 662-325-3589


Facility Set-ups               

Vanessa Collier, Event Services, 662-325-3228

  • Tables & Chairs
  • Stages & Podiums
  • Backdrop & Seal
  • Sound System Set-up
  • Lapel Microphones Set-up


Facility Maintenance               

Facilites Use, Front Desk, 662- 325-2005

  • Turn on/ Air Conditioning
  • Custodial Services (empty trash, general cleaning, window washing, waxing, etc.)
  • Requesting Maintenance (light bulbs, take down projector, leaks, etc.)
  • Having Keys Made


Table Clothes & Skirts            

Dining Services, 662-325-3663

  • Customer pays all rental fees


Building Card Access               

Randy Loper, ECTO, 662-325-3226

  • Card Access Building B
  • Card Access Builidng A
  • Card Access Computer Storage Closet


Unlock Doors Afterhours      

Mark Sullivan, ITS, 662-325-1573

  • Only handles setting front doors lock times
  • Email three to four days in advance the dates doors to be unlocked


Projector/AV Problems         

Scott Belvin, ECTO, 662- 325-2451


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COVID-19 Update
Filed Under: Bost Conference Center, County Extension Offices, Extension Administration, Research and Extension Centers September 1, 2020

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- The Mississippi State University Extension Service resumed in-person activities with social distancing guidelines in place Sept. 1.

Meetings at all Extension offices and units -- including the Bost Extension Center, the four regional Research and Extension Centers, and each of Extension’s 82 county offices -- will be limited to 50% seating occupancy for conference spaces and auditoriums. Participants must remain 6 feet apart.

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Portrait of Mr. Detrick L. Swanigan
Building Services Coordinator
Portrait of Ms. Leandria Codanna Peoples
Administrative Assistant II