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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3034 Modern Broiler House Heating Systems Poultry February 6, 2017
P3037 How to Talk about Death with Children and Adolescents Children and Parenting February 6, 2017
P3036 Choosing the Right Breed for Your Backyard Flock Youth Poultry, Poultry February 6, 2017
P2303 Protecting Plants from Cold Temperatures Flower Gardens December 15, 2017
P3035 Effects of Long-Term Drought on Urban Trees Trees, Urban and Community Forestry January 31, 2017
P2692 Making Sausage at Home Food January 30, 2017
F1142 Insect Identification Form Insect Identification January 26, 2017
F1139 Plant Disease Sample Submission Form Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services August 14, 2017
P3029 Blending In - Don’t Stick Out in the Sticks Wildlife Youth Education January 12, 2017
P3023 Providers of Medical Clearance and Respirator Fit Testing in Mississippi Pesticide Applicator Certification May 22, 2017
P2979 Blood-trailing Deer: Stop, Look, and Learn Wildlife Youth Education December 20, 2016
M2034 Municipal Clerks Handbook City and County Government March 10, 2017
IB0514 Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2016 Grains December 16, 2016
P2982 What’s Your Spread? The Importance of Patterning Your Shotgun Shooting Sports December 16, 2016
P3022 Taking Photos of Plant Disease Problems Plant Diseases February 13, 2017
P3021 ‘Tis the Season for STEM Thinking STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math December 14, 2016
P2996 2016 Mississippi Medallion Plants Flower Gardens December 13, 2016
P3004 Working Safely Around Horses Youth Livestock, Equine December 14, 2016
P3003 Top 10 Values and Skills Gained Through Participation on a Judging Team Youth Livestock December 14, 2016
P3019 Understanding Short-Rotation Woody Crops Biotechnology, Forestry, Wood Products December 7, 2016