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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P2479 Market Lamb Project Guide: Show Lamb Selection and Development Youth Livestock, Goats and Sheep May 13, 2016
P2481 Meal Planning for Diabetics Health December 3, 2015
P2482 Catfish-Duck Ponds for the Mississippi Delta Catfish, Waterfowl September 23, 2016
P2483 Integrated Pest Management In the Home Landscape Insects-Home Lawns, Insects-Ornamental Plants, Insects-Pests, Landscape Management January 13, 2016
P2485 Growth-Promoting Implants for Beef Cattle Beef November 5, 2015
P2486 Economic Impact of Artificial Insemination vs. Natural Mating for Beef Cattle Herds Beef April 29, 2016
P2488 Replacement Beef Heifer Development Beef October 21, 2015
P2489 Fiber in Beef Cattle Diets Beef November 5, 2015
P2490 Beef Cattle Water Requirements and Source Management Beef November 5, 2015
P2493 Control Fire Ants in Pastures, Hayfields, and Barnyards Insects-Crop Pests, Insects-Forage Pests, Insects, Fire Ants February 22, 2016
P2494 Control Fire Ants in Commercial Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables Insects-Crop Pests, Insects, Fire Ants, Insects-Pests April 21, 2017
P2495 Calibrating Poultry Litter Spreading Equipment Soils, Farming, Poultry August 27, 2015
P2497 Strategies for Better Management of Pasture Fertilization Forages, Soil Testing September 1, 2016
P2498 Carbon Credits - A Non-Traditional Source of Revenue for Mississippi Forest Landowners Forest Economics, Marketing January 21, 2016
P2499 Protein in Beef Cattle Diets Beef November 5, 2015
P2501 Calving Season Selection Considerations Beef October 21, 2015
P2504 Energy in Beef Cattle Diets Beef November 5, 2015
P2505 Selecting a Feedlot For Beef Cattle Finishing Beef November 5, 2015
P2506 Stocker Cattle Receiving Management Beef December 3, 2015
P2507 Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery for Beef Cattle Operations Beef, Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Recovery September 16, 2016