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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Datesort descending
P2311 Soil pH and Tree Species Suitability in Mississippi Soils, Trees, Forest Management November 27, 2019
M0980 Rural Medical & Science Scholars brochure Rural Health November 27, 2019
P3001 Overview and Economic Contribution of the Mississippi Blueberry Industry Agricultural Economics, Fruit November 27, 2019
P2752 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y. Event Handbook 4-H SAFETY December 4, 2019
P2751 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y. State Invitational Rulebook 4-H SAFETY December 5, 2019
P3006 Mechanical Site Preparation for Forestry in Mississippi Forest Soils December 5, 2019
P2947 Body Condition Scoring System Benefits for Horses and Owners Youth Livestock, Equine December 5, 2019
P0850 2020 Mississippi Tide Tables Marine Resources December 6, 2019
P2590 Hay Calculator for Livestock Producers, Excel Program (V2019) Instruction Sheet Forages, Livestock, Goats and Sheep December 9, 2019
IS1966 Chain of Custody in Forest Certification Systems Forestry December 9, 2019
IS1965 Safety in the Spring Woods 4-H Safety Programs, Wildlife December 9, 2019
P3346 Control Cockroaches In and Around Your Home Insects, Household Insects, Insects-Pests December 9, 2019
P3322 Basic Compass Orienteering 4-H, 4-H SAFETY December 11, 2019
P3408 HappyHealthy Zucchini Newsletter Nutrition December 12, 2019
P3407 HappyHealthy November Newsletter: Sweet Potatoes Nutrition December 12, 2019
P3395 HappyHealthy Broccoli Newsletter Nutrition December 12, 2019
P3009 Maintaining Hardwood Forest Profitability Without Ash Species Marketing, Forest Management December 12, 2019
P3012 Rotary Drum Composting of Poultry Mortalities Poultry December 12, 2019
P2810 Caring for Newborn Beef Calves Separated from Their Dams Beef December 12, 2019
P2711 Establishing Hybrid Bermudagrass in Mississippi Agriculture December 12, 2019