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Publication Number Title Filed Under Date
P3975-1 2022 On-Farm Soybean Variety Demonstration: Seed Quality Results for Irrigated MG IV (Clay) RR2X and XF Varieties Agriculture, Soybeans 02-22-24
P3973 2023 Soybean Variety Suggestions Soybeans 02-27-24
P3972 2022 Soybean Variety Demonstration Program Agriculture, Soybeans 02-27-24
P3970 Small Business Finances: A Guide for Youth Agricultural Economics, Growing Your Brand, Youth Financial Literacy 02-09-24
P3953 Honey Inspection and Label Requirements for Retail Markets in Mississippi Beekeeping, Apiculture: Honey Bee Health 01-12-24
P1228 4-H Forestry Project No. 2: Big Tree Contest 4-H, 4-H Forestry 01-02-24
P3934 4-H Poultry Chain Project Record Book 4-H, Youth Poultry 02-15-24
P3386 Dealing with Difficult Personalities in the Workplace About Extension, Leadership 01-02-24
P3950 Hornet Species that Threaten Honey Bees Beekeeping, Apiculture: Honey Bee Health 12-07-23
P3927 Understanding Buck Movement: How, When, and Why Bucks Navigate the Landscape Natural Resources 04-09-24
P3735-00 Herbicide Application for Aquatic Plants Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-47 Watermeal | Wolffia spp. Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-46 Water Lettuce | Pistia stratiotes Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-45 Water Hyacinth | Pontederia crassipes Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-44 Salvinia | Salvinia spp. Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-43 Mosquito Fern | Azolla spp. Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-42 Duckweed | Lemna spp. Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-41 Water-willow | Justicia americana Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-40 Waterleaf | Hydrolea spp. Water Weeds 11-30-23
P3735-39 Water Taro | Colocasia esculenta Water Weeds 11-30-23