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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P2656 Did You Know at 2 Years Old I Can - Children and Parenting March 28, 2017
P2590 Hay Calculator for Livestock Producers, Excel Program (V2019) Instruction Sheet Forages, Livestock, Goats and Sheep December 9, 2019
P2593 Food Defense and Biosecurity; Elements and Guidelines for a Defense Plan Food Safety January 11, 2019
P2597 Control Fleas on Your Pet, in Your House, and in Your Yard Pets, Insects-Pet Pests, Household Insects, Insects-Home Lawns May 23, 2019
P2606 Basic Guide to Identification of Hardwoods and Softwoods Using Anatomical Characteristics Forestry, Wood Identification January 21, 2016
P2610 Estrus (Heat) Detection in Cattle Animal Health, Beef January 12, 2016
P2613 Mississippi Beef Cattle Management Calendar Beef June 16, 2016
P2619 Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Casualty Losses Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Recovery, Taxation July 19, 2019
P2628 Artificial Insemination Programs for Cattle Livestock, Beef, Dairy January 31, 2019
P2636 American Sycamore As a Biomass Species Wood Products February 22, 2019
P2698 Home Landscape Design Landscape Design and Management, Landscape Resources September 19, 2017
P2644 Effect of Reservoir Host and Climactic Conditions on Emerging Heartworm Disease: Part 2 Pets, Insects-Pet Pests December 7, 2015
P2646 Feline Heartworm Disease and Other Factors of Emerging Heartworm Disase, Part 4 Pets, Insects-Pet Pests December 7, 2015
5938 Fallout Shelter - Dairy Dairy January 23, 2017
P2651 Selecting Landscape Shrubs With Special Comments on Invasive and Native Plants Landscape Architecture, Invasive Plants October 1, 2018
P2641 Mississippi Medallion Plants: 2010 Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens December 7, 2015
P2699 Identification Guide to Adult Mosquitoes in Mississippi Insects-Human Pests, Insects-Pet Pests, Insects-Pests October 5, 2018
P2751 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y. State Invitational Rulebook 4-H SAFETY December 5, 2019
P2705 The Plant Doctor: How to Spray Fungicides to Protect Your Home Landscape, Garden, and Turf Lawn and Garden, Plant Diseases, Turfgrass and Lawn Management, Vegetable Gardens October 20, 2015
P2561 Midsouth Multistate Evaluation of Treatment Thresholds for Tarnished Plant Bug in Flowering Cotton Cotton, Insects-Crop Pests July 31, 2019