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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P2561 Midsouth Multistate Evaluation of Treatment Thresholds for Tarnished Plant Bug in Flowering Cotton Cotton, Insects-Crop Pests July 31, 2019
P2663 Vermicomposting for the Mississippi Gardener Soils, Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens October 20, 2015
P2678 Urea-based Fertilizers in Forage Production Forages, Fertilizers - Forages May 28, 2019
6031 Free Stall System Dairy January 23, 2017
P2683 Tornado and Straight-Line Wind Damage to Hardwood Stands: Frequently Asked Management Questions Disaster Response, Forestry April 18, 2018
P2703 Woody Biomass Production in the South: A Vision and a Need Biofuels, Biotechnology April 27, 2020
P2716 Now Serving: Beans! Food, Family Financial Management December 18, 2015
P2719 The Poultry Industry And Its Economic Impact Agricultural Economics November 30, 2015
P2725 Growing and Managing Sunflowers for Dove Fields in the Southeast Agriculture, Farming January 27, 2016
P2722 Management Strategies to Improve Native and Seedling Pecan Groves Nuts March 24, 2016
P2735 Sample Pine Thinning Contract Forestry, Forest Economics October 28, 2019
P2733 Imported Fire Ant-Free Hay Certification in Mississippi Forages, Insects-Forage Pests, Insects, Fire Ants May 9, 2018
P2739 How Can the Agricultural Communications News Team Help You? County Extension Offices September 13, 2017
P2742 Water-Related Factors in Broiler Production Poultry August 20, 2019
P2745 The Basics of Conservation Easements in Mississippi Forestry June 19, 2019
P2749 Broiler House Ventilation During Cold Weather Poultry August 20, 2019
P2672 Selecting an Annual Ryegrass Variety for Winter Grazing Farming, Grasses January 23, 2017
P1428 Managing Mississippi Farm Ponds and Small Lakes Natural Resources, Fisheries, Pond and Lake Management February 27, 2020
6343 Feed Cart Agriculture September 17, 2014
5961-B Post Peeler Agriculture September 17, 2014