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P3449 Infectious Bronchitis in Commercial Chickens Poultry June 9, 2020
P3450 All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Laws in Mississippi ATV Safety May 7, 2020
P3451 Hardwoods: What Is High-Grading? Forest Management, Timber Harvest May 12, 2020
P3452 Effects of Flooding on Southern Bottomland Hardwoods Forestry May 22, 2020
P3453 Holiday Food Safety Food, Food Safety May 19, 2020
P3454 How Does Food Waste Lead to Sea-Level Rise? Marine Resources June 4, 2020
P3455-A-E EKOKIDS Scavenger Hunt Wildlife Youth Education, Natural Resources July 2, 2020
P3456 Tips For Parents Disaster Response, Children and Parenting, Family Dynamics June 11, 2020
P3457 Terminating Tarnished Plant Bug Insecticide Applications Agriculture, Crops, Cotton, Insects-Crop Pests, Insects May 29, 2020
P3458 Commercial Chickens and COVID-19: Recommendations for Depopulating Poultry Flocks Poultry, Coronavirus June 9, 2020
P3459 Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) for Row Crops, Livestock, and Dairy Overview Agricultural Economics, Coronavirus May 21, 2020
P3461 Bottomland Hardwoods Natural Regeneration Using the Shelterwood System Trees June 7, 2020
P3462 Freeze-Branding Techniques for Horse Owners Livestock June 16, 2020
P3463 Upland Hardwoods: Should I Manage or Regenerate My Stand? Forest Economics, Forest Management June 11, 2020
P3464 A Scoring System to Help Producers Assess Heat Stress Dairy June 17, 2020
P3465 Recognizing Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle: How to Visually Record Respiration Rate Livestock, Dairy July 1, 2020
P3466 2020 Soybean Variety Suggestions Agriculture, Soybeans June 17, 2020
P3467 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl: How to Get Involved! 4-H, 4-H Livestock Program June 29, 2020
P3469 2019 Soybean Maturity Group IV (M.G. 4.7–4.9) RR2X Variety Response to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Soybeans June 26, 2020
P3470 2019 Soybean Maturity Group V RR2X Variety Response to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Soybeans June 25, 2020