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Publication Number Titlesort descending Filed Under Updated Date
P2951 Sod Installation and Maintenance Turfgrass and Lawn Management May 14, 2019
IS1614 Soil and Broiler Litter Testing Basics Soils, Soil Health, Poultry March 6, 2019
IS1974 Soil Compaction in Mississippi Landscapes Soils, Lawn and Garden January 11, 2019
P3238 Soil Nutrient Levels: Key to Forage Nutrient Management Planning Forages May 21, 2018
IS372 Soil pH and Fertilizers Soil Health June 30, 2020
IS0372 Soil pH and Fertilizers Soils, Soil Testing January 15, 2019
IS0346 Soil Testing For the Farmer Soils, Farming, Soil Testing February 6, 2019
IS1294 Soil Testing for the Homeowner Soil Health, Soil Testing February 4, 2020
6198 Soil Treating System April 14, 2014
6265 Solar Beeswax Extractor April 14, 2014
6374 Solar Calf Hutch Shelter Agriculture September 17, 2014
6302 Solar Calf Kennel Dairy January 23, 2017
6377 Solar Calf Shelter with Slide-In Partitions Agriculture September 17, 2014
6244 Solar Fruit Dryer April 14, 2014
P3236 Solar-Powered Groundwater Pumping Systems for Livestock Watering Livestock, Water May 21, 2018
IS1331 Sorghum Midge Control Insects-Crop Pests January 22, 2020
P2944-259 Soso City Retail Sales Profile Economic Development December 2, 2016
P3480-336 Soso COVID 19 Sales Subject to Sales Tax Analysis Economic Development June 30, 2020
P2945‐259 Soso Retail Analysis Economic Development November 30, 2016
P3390 Sources of Food Loss and Waste in the Mississippi-Grown Sweetpotato Supply Chain Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Gardens October 28, 2019