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Objectives of the Mississippi 4-H Shooting Sports Program

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Updated: June 22, 2018
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The Mississippi 4-H Shooting Sports Program is an educational program that teaches young people and adult leaders essential life skills through the shooting sports. Objectives of the program are to provide opportunities to help these young people, their families or guardians, and adult volunteers to be self-directed, responsible, and productive members of society.

Mississippi State University Extension Service specialists, county Extension agents, 4-H volunteer leaders, instructors, and coaches must understand the goals and objectives of the Shooting Sports Program so they can manage or present it properly. Goals and objectives included in this Extension information sheet are consistent with 4-H programs in Mississippi.

The 4-H Shooting Sports program leaders transfer knowledge, skills, and attitudes to young people and others, helping them to be successful by using subject matter developed by professionals and resources of land-grant universities. Mississippi 4-H Shooting Sports programs include, but are not limited to, the following objectives:

  • Enhance development of a participant’s self concept, character, and personal growth through safe, educational, and socially acceptable involvement in shooting activities.
  • Teach safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment, including sound decision making, self discipline, and concentration.
  • Promote the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior.
  • Expose participants to the broad array of vocational and avocational activities related to the shooting sports.
  • Strengthen families through life-long recreational activities.


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