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Farmers Markets: Good for You and Your Community (brochure)

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Supporting Your Farmers Market

Great Sources for Local Produce
When you shop at the farmers market, you’ll be…
Buying local decreases “food miles,” or the distance food is transported across the country or from other countries. This benefits the environment because energy consumption and fossil fuel pollution are reduced.
Shopping at farmers markets puts seasonal produce on your table. Fruits and vegetables that are harvested and enjoyed during the season cost less and taste better.
Most participating farmers harvest their produce the day before or the morning of the market, so the fresh produce is richer in vitamins and tastes better than fruits and vegetables that have traveled many miles. Farmers market shoppers can get the freshest foods in town.
Your community will benefit by…
Shoppers at farmers markets are supporting family farmers, who often sell directly to the consumers. By eliminating brokers, distributors, and shippers, local growers get to keep a larger portion of the sales price, which supports the local economy.
Most markets provide cooking tips, recipes, and meal ideas. Shoppers and vendors enjoy the personal visits that occur during farmers market hours.
Many farmers markets require produce to be locally grown, which generally means within the same county or neighboring counties. Fresh produce is likely much richer in vitamins and 
often tastes better.
Mississippi has close to 100 farmers markets—one in almost every county. Some counties have two or more!
Local shoppers are buying locally grown, healthy, and fresh produce from these markets because…
  • they don’t have to travel far.
  • the fruits and vegetables are high-quality.
  • the produce is fresher.
  • the produce is often more nutritious because 
  • it is fresher.
  • the money spent stays in the local community.
Shop at your local farmers market!
Farmers markets vary in when they are open, how many vendors there are on each day, what kinds of produce are for sale, and whether they include organic fruits and vegetables.
Call the market to be sure.
Locate farmers markets in your local area: 

M2027 (10M-03-18)

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