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EFNEP Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

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EFNEP: Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program 

Make eating smart and being active the easy choice for your family! 

To sign up, contact your county office of the Mississippi State University Extension Service. 

Join us for a series of hands-on activities. 

These activities are led by an educator who: 

  • lives in your community. 
  • knows what it is like to live there. 
  • cares about your success. 

You will receive:

  • nutrition tips. 
  • healthy recipes to taste. 
  • a class celebration. 
  • a graduation certiÿcate. 
  • and other items to take home after each activity to practice what you learned.

Learn how to:

  • cook healthy foods that taste good and that your kids will love. 
  • plan meals that save time and money. 
  • shop wisely to save money. 
  • use food labels to make healthy choices. 
  • keep food safe to eat. 
  • be more active. 
  • keep your family healthy and feeling good! 

Who can participate in EFNEP? 

  • Families eligible for, or participating in, any assistance programs (WIC, SNAP, Head Start, Free or Reduced-Price School Meals, or Medicaid). 
  • Families with kids and teens.
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren.

EFNEP can help you shop smarter, eat healthier, be more active, and feel good! 



Mississippi State University Extension Service O˜ce of Nutrition Education 662-325-1340, or the Extension office in your county.
Department: Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion
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