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Are You Older Than a Fish?

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Maximum Ages of Gulf of Mexico Bony Fishes

MS Silverside: 2 years

Bay Anchovy: 3 years

Dolphinfish: 5 years

Gulf Menhaden: 6 years

Sand Seatrout: 6 years

Atlantic Tripletail: 7 years

FL Pompano: 7 years

Red Lionfish: 8 years

Sharksucker: 8 years

Southern Flounder: 8 years

Wahoo: 10 years

Spanish Mackerel: 11 years

Spotted Seatrout: 12 years

Sailfish: 13 years

Cobia: 14 years

Gray Triggerfish: 15 years

Greater Amberjack: 15 years

Striped Mullet: 16 years

G. Barracuda: 18 years

Yellowfin Tuna: 18 years

Crevalle Jack: 19 years

Swordfish: 19 years

Common Snook: 21 years

Gafftopsail Catfish: 24 years

King Mackerel: 26 years

Vermilion Snapper: 26 years

Gray Snapper: 28 years

Gag: 31 years

Scamp: 31 years

Bluefin Tuna: 32 years

Black Grouper: 33 years

Goliath Grouper: 37 years

Sheepshead: 40 years

Tilefish: 40 years

Blue Marlin: 43 years

Tarpon: 55 years

Red Drum: 56 years

Red Snapper: 57 years

Black Drum: 59 years

Warsaw Grouper: 61 years

Wreckfish: 80 years

Barrelfish: 85 years

Black Cardinalfish: 104 years

Human: 122 years

Warty Oreo: 130 years

So how do you age them?


Otoliths have natural rings that can be counted to determine the number of years a fish has been alive.

Scale and Spine

Natural growth rings can also be counted on fish scales and spines, as reliable aging techniques vary by species.

Publication 3547 (10-20)


By Catherine Cowan, Amanda Jefferson, Matthew Jargowsky, and Marcus Drymon, PhD, Coastal Marine Extension Program.

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