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Publication Number Title Filed Under Date
P3735-15 American Bur-reed | Sparganium americanum Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-14 Alligator Weed | Alternanthera philoxeroides Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-13 Watermilfoil | Myriophyllum spp. Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-12 Southern Naiad | Najas guadalupensis Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-11 Slender Spikerush | Eleocharis spp. Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-10 Pondweeds | Potamogeton spp. Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-09 Hydrilla | Hydrilla verticillata Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-08 Fanwort | Cabomba spp. Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-07 Coontail | Ceratophyllum demersum Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-06 Canadian Waterweed | Elodea canadensis Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-05 Brazilian Egeria | Egeria densa Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3735-04 Bladderwort | Utricularia spp. Water Weeds 11-29-23
P3940 High Varroa Mite Loads in Nucleus Colonies (Nucs) of Honey Bees Livestock, Insects 11-21-23
P3956 Understanding Chapter 12 Bankruptcy for Agricultural Producers Agricultural Economics, Agri-business, Small Business, Family Financial Management 11-17-23
P3947 The 6 C’s of Positive Youth Development: Praise Today, Contribute Tomorrow 4-H 11-20-23
P3959 Know the Numbers: Reduce Plastic Waste Health and Wellness, Production Phases and Systems, Waste Management 11-13-23
P3958 Decreasing Mastitis in the Milking Herd Animal Health, Dairy 11-10-23
P3938 Mississippi Certified Waterworks Operator Age and Tenure Report (2023) Community, Economic Development, Water 12-04-23
P3954 Economic Contributions of the Mississippi Seafood Industry by Major Species in 2020 Agricultural Economics, Seafood Economics 11-06-23
P3948 Common Beneficial Arthropods Found in Field Crops Crops, Insects-Crop Pests 11-03-23