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December 19, 1997 - Filed Under: Agricultural Economics, Poultry

MISSISSIPPI STATE -- State poultry producers saw record broiler and egg production with 1997 values up 6 percent to more than $1.43 billion.

Dr. Wallace Morgan, head of Mississippi State University's poultry department, said the state's poultry industry has grown steadily for the last 10 years. Mississippi now ranks No. 4 nationally in broiler production.

"Domestic consumption continues to increase, our exports have been growing very rapidly and Mississippi has been a favored state for growth," Morgan said.

August 29, 1997 - Filed Under: Agriculture, Poultry

MISSISSIPPI STATE -- When heat and humidity challenge the state's poultry industry, broilers lose every time, but this summer has been kinder than usual on the birds.

Up until the first of August, Mississippi broiler growers had not seen serious losses to heat stress. Before that, the cooler weather was a blessing to poultry growers, keeping deaths to a minimum.

Bill Goodwin is the extension agent for Scott County, the state's leading poultry producer. He said some broiler deaths to heat stress are unavoidable each year.

March 31, 1997 - Filed Under: Agriculture, Poultry

MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Feeding unfit food to broilers can cost a major poultry operation $90,000 a week, but a test has been developed to ensure quality products are fed to these birds.

Researchers at Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine developed a way to test fish and poultry by-products that are fed to broilers. The test detects biogenic amines, or toxins, produced when by-products deteriorate.

February 17, 1997 - Filed Under: Agriculture, Poultry

MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Mississippi poultry producers in the past two decades have transformed an industry into the state's top agricultural enterprise, with annual poultry and egg sales in excess of $1 billion.

Researchers at Mississippi State University support the growth of the industry and continue to aid producers in finding new ways to manage the health and productivity of their flocks.

Increasing Fertility...

December 11, 1995 - Filed Under: Agriculture, Poultry

By Bethany Waldrop Keiper

MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Although overall estimated value of farm production is down in Mississippi for 1995, the poultry industry has scored another record-breaking year.

Agricultural economists at Mississippi State University predict the industry's value is $1.09 billion for 1995, up $50 million from 1994.

Poultry and eggs' rise in value is the highest in the state, even though it comes in second behind forestry's estimated farm value of $1.1 billion.