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Ordering Monitoring Supplies

Ordering Supplies and Replacements

The MSWS program uses customized monitoring supplies adapted from the Alabama Water Watch program. All methodology and associated supplies have undergone scientific validation and are EPA-approved. You may contact the MSWS Office to request supplies or order supplies directly from the websites below.

Water Chemistry Monitoring Supplies

* The best way to place your order for chemistry supplies by calling the LaMotte Customer Service Department from 8:15 AM to 5 PM EST, Monday through Friday at 800-344-3100 or 410-778-3100. Indicate the description, code, and quantity needed when ordering.

Please follow the instructions below to order the Water Chemistry monitoring kit. These links and instructions are also available in the Water Chemistry manual available to all certified MSWS citizens and trainers.

MSWS Water Chemistry Kit

* Place orders with LaMotte via phone Customer Service Department from 8:15 AM to 5 PM EST, Monday through Friday at 800-344-3100 or 410-778-3100. Indicate the description, code, and quantity needed when ordering.

To order chemistry kit refills, please call Lamotte Customer Service following the instructions above an request the needed item from the list below:

Order Code Item Description List Price
0106 Test Tube, Square, Plastic 2.5 - 5 - 10ml, with Cap $3.95 USD
0352 Pipet, Dropping, Plastic Plain (No Pring on It) $3.05 USD
0369 Pipet, 0.5ml, Plastic, with 20mm Cap $4.05 USD
0513 Brush, Test Tube $3.85 USD
0835 Turbidity Column $26.85 USD
1066 Thermometer, Model 545 with Instruction $27.25 USD
1101 Octa Slide 2 Viewer $19.80 USD
1114 Rod, Plastic, Stirring, 7 Inch $4.00 USD
0608 Test Tube, Glass, 8dprint W/Cap $4.15 USD
0688-DO Bottle Water Sample Coll Glass, 60ml $6.20 USD
0970-S Tube, Spec with Cap Calibrated at 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20ml  $4.65 USD
2193-01 Wide Range Octa-Slide 2 Bar Ph 3.0-6.5 $25.85 USD
2196-01 Wide Range Octa-Slide 2 Bar Ph 7.0-10.5 $25.85 USD
2218-G Wide Range Indicator, Ph Reagent 3, 30ml $8.75 USD
2311A-J BCG-MR Indicator Tablets, 100/Box $11.60 USD
0377 Titrator, Direct Reading, 0-10 $7.80 USD
4167-G Manganous Sulfate Solution, 30ml $11.50 USD
4169-H Sodium Thiosulfate .025n, 60ml $10.85 USD
4170WT-G Starch Indicator Solution, 30ml $8.40 USD
4483-E Hardness Reagent 5, 15 ml $8.05 USD
4484A-H Hardness Reagent 6 Tablets, 50/Box $5.75 USD
4487WT-H Hardness Reagent 7, 60ml $9.65 USD
4488 Test Tube, Hardness, Drop Count, with Cap $4.40 USD
4493PS-H Alkalinity Titration Reagent B, 60ml $9.85 USD
6141WT-G Sulfuric Acid 1:1, 30ml $9.85 USD
7166-G Alkaline Pot Iodide-Azide Reagent, 30ml $14.35 USD
7520-H Standard Turbidity Reagent, 60ml $15.55 USD

Bacteriological Water Monitoring Supplies


To order an incubator, follow the link: Hova-Bator Table Top Incubator

You may also create your own incubator for less than $10. A small cooler or other type of insulated container with a lid may be used as an incubator. Uniform temperatures may be maintained using a small light bulb such as a night-light attached to an extension cord. Use a piece of cardboard or plastic to shield the sample plates from direct light. A thermostat is not needed. The number and/or wattage of bulbs may be adjusted to maintain the proper temperatures, depending on the ambient room temperature and size of incubator. For example, a 4-watt bulb in a 1 cubic foot container usually makes a good incubator. A thermometer is needed to determine ambient incubator temperature.

Bacteriological Monitoring Supplies

Follow the link below to and add the items to your cart. Before proceeding to check out, be sure to verify your quantities, ensuring that you have three petri dishes for each bacteriological sampling you plan to conduct.

Stream Biomonitoring Supplies

  • Kick net
  • Student Grade Kick Net 
  • Aquatic D-Net
  • Sorting Trays (catalog number 1426A) 
    • You will need at least 3 pans per stream biomonitoring kit. To order, click the link and add the number 3 into the quantity box. When ordering more than 12, a bulk discount will be applied.
  • Forceps 
  • Thermometer 
  • Observation cups
    • When ordering observation cups, please keep in mind that these are sold in a quantity of 24.
  • You may order or buy the following item from any seller.
    • Buckets
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