What are the benefits?

Numerous benefits abound for the student serving as a Junior Master Wellness Volunteer. Giving back to one’s community through volunteer work is a key component to a student’s growth. The Junior Master Wellness Volunteer can experience:

  1. Improved skills in leadership and teambuilding;
  2. Increased knowledge about health issues;
  3. Enhanced resume for college and job opportunities;
  4. Improved social skills;
  5. Opportunity for connection to community;
  6. Recognition opportunities;
  7. Experience helps clarify future career choice.
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Brittny Fairley, right, checks Dequesia Perry’s blood pressure in their health science class at the Hinds County Career and Technical Center in Raymond, Mississippi, on May 4, 2017. They are members of the Mississippi State University Extension Service 4-H Junior Master Wellness Volunteers group in Hinds County who received training to deliver basic health information and provide supervised basic screenings. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Susan Collins-Smith)
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RAYMOND, Miss. -- Rocheryl Ware sees members of her 4-H Junior Master Wellness Volunteer group as catalysts that can help change Mississippi's health landscape.

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